Talking about 1.7 update

Do you think having REAL money to make server is better for blockheads or TC to make servers being better.

I think having tc was better cause there was more of a verity of fun amazing servers.

Now all I run in to is the same server 90% of the time and it’s become boring when you wanna try a new server.

I found it so much fun having to go in foot in custom worlds, and exploring the world by now… people just fly around and it’s less fun. Put you opinion in this topic :wink:

It was fun but they were losing money because they had to host all those servers and most were made with hacked/glitched tc

Now they can keep the game running longer because there are less servers and most of them are paying the money to host them.

But it is annoying. I can join a random world and be in the exact same world. And it happens more than once. I wish they would make a way to have a world option to have your world discoverable when it’s offline and have a filter section in the join a random world so you can choose options like how many pple are on and if your ok with joining a server that no one is on

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There already a thread for this : The Truth About 1.7 Update!

well they should have kept it to tc cause i before 1.7 update made servers with tc that i mine with diamond pickaxe because i never want to use credit cards online now i am stuck with only visiting servers which all have the same in common

just go in advance search and press one space

The slowly declining player base probably contributed to this.

The whole paying real money thing is a great idea on paper, but it was executed poorly. The variety of servers is nonexistent. I can’t really blame MajicDave though.

You’d have no cloud platform if we had stuck to TC for credit. That will happen eventually anyway, but 1.7 prolonged the life of online worlds.

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actually i just thought of it if dave has to host a server without me paying he is loosing money even though they were were legit

That is true, but you were probably in a small minority. The problem was exacerbated by all the players using pirated TC, and then creating dozens of worlds with no real income coming in to support them.

1.7 made blockheads worse

I may not personally play much these days, but as long as Mac servers remain a thing, I’ll continue to host servers.

I should reintroduce the game to my kids. They “played” (unintentional griefing) on a few of my servers a few years ago, but my oldest just turned 13.

In fact, I see the decline of the cloud worlds as a good thing, as people have to come back to the forums to find “full time” servers to play on, hosted by fellow forum members. And Dave will still get paid each time someone plays an ad, buys TCs, or unlocks double time.

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