Taller (easier to select) Feeder Chests


Problem: When the dodos are crowding around me, begging for food (not complaining about that feature – it makes hand-feeding them much faster), they get in the way of selecting the feeder chest to reload it. (Dodos aren’t good at planning.)

Suggestion: Make the feeder chest two blocks high. It will be easy to select when surrounded by dodos, and reasonably easy when surrounded by donkeys and yaks.

Cost: Same, or maybe an extra block of wood.

Appearance: Maybe two existing feeding chests, stacked, or existing on top and a wire basket on the bottom, or vice-versa.


Yeah, I always have dodos crowding my feeder chest and I can’t refill it!


I worked with many Dodos too, collecting eggs of certain rare kinds and they get in the for me too. Good thing they are compartmentalised with less Dodos and a feeder chest each.

The chest are never fully empty and I go to add more apples, I always have to time opening the feeder.

Other than that, like the donkeys, if they are standing in my way, I hold cages in my hand and keep taping at the feeder until it opens. Creatures are taken out of the way, I don’t have to wait and I just have to remember to uncage them before I go to the next dodo coup.

Feeder chest are nice but there has got to something that can be done to make it easier to get to them


Holding cages while tapping is a good idea. I just let the colony get large and overwhelming, pulling out eggs as soon as I see them to keep dodo types separated. It works well enough for now, except for the crowding.

I tried putting the feeder on the far side of the gate, inset in the ground (so it could be filled from underneath) and on a wall, but the dodos couldn’t reach it.