Tames In the Blockheads

I recently started dodo taming so that I could stockpile gems I’m currently at emerald and also own a purple donkey but I can’t seem to tame any more of the donkeys and I’ve recently tried to tame a yak which has been fairly easy for me to tame in the past but currently having no luck after 4 feeds. Is there a limit to the amount of tames I can have in one world?

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No, I was in a server once where trade portals had every item unlocked so in order to get money, I sold tamed dodos. Every time I’d log on I’d tame some, name them ‘Sold Dodo’, cage them, and put them in the shop. I sold quite a few so if there was a limit, I definitely never reached it. Welcome to the forums by the way bud, always nice to have someone new, especially now.

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I don’t think there’s a limit.

There might actually be a limit, but it only applies to new mobs being spawned, not placement or taming.

Below is a quote by MajicDave which I pulled from one of the old Beta testing threads. His post was in response to a bug report during Beta that placing a caged animal made it disappear. (Not the same bug which still exists regarding placement in a protected area)

In the final release, Dave raised the limit to 512 - which is where it likely remains today.