Tanooki family of servers

I’ve been idle and afk and whatnot for a long time, so many current players might know/remember me.

I’ve had an issue with my router, which I just fixed today, that prevented off-LAN players from connecting to my various servers. I’ve confirmed this is working, and I’ll go ahead and list them below.

Please note that some of these have existing owners. Any server that doesn’t see any traffic will be turned off for the foreseeable future - but not necessarily deleted.

Apparently the old way of posting the URLs so they’d open automatically in the Blockheads app doesn’t work anymore. All of these servers can be found at tanooki.no-ip.net. I’ll just post their names and ports below.

Tanookiville (15151) is the free-for-all where I pick people to join the whitelisted server Raccoon City (15152). Both of these have been started over from scratch.
Tanooki Trades (15153)
Catpines (15163)
Ilyrandar (15162)
SN-Block (15161)
Pie Games (15160)


:open_mouth: there’s a shop with something in it on Tanooki Trades!

…with a stick.

The Tanooki Trades server was created before the Yellow Portals, but after Portal Chests, as a way for people to be able to trade with each other across worlds.

I’m leaving it up mostly because of the Eiffel Tower someone built :slight_smile:

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Welcome back Tanooki. Modesty becomes you. Tanooki Trades was THE trading server in it’s day folks, and the model by which trading servers were built on.

Good to see one of the old-timers. :+1:t2:


Thanks for the kind words, Joe :smiley:

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Welcome back!

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Hey, Tanooki! (You probably don’t remember me, but) I have this snapshot in my gallery dated October 18, 2013:

{screenshot in here}

Is this Raccoon City? It’s the only name on the list that rings a bell…my memory can be unfortunate.
Another unfortunate situation for myself is that the link in the OP doesn’t work for me. I think it’s on my end, though; no one else has mentioned having a problem with the link.


That was either Tanookiville or Raccoon City - I forget which. It suffered corruption. I’ve since renamed it and it’s now just off-line storage for me, as my secret vault escaped destruction.

edit It’s whitelisted, so it must have been Raccoon City. I actually don’t mind if anyone who was there pops in to look around. It’s on port 15143. Just be prepared for disappointment. The whitelist is still intact.