TBH is so boring


Blockheads is so boring . In first times TBH is very funny . But i am bored so i delete TBH . At the moment i download TBH again but i never play .Because when i open TBH i am getting bored.Do you have a advice.


Try a new challenge, like creating a successful server on wingysam’s free mac servers or creating a lasting empire on a faction server.


Troll servers, Create a world for filmmaking, find and live in a server, build a giant pixelart, create a server,


Try to reach the end of a challenge server like Skylands Odyssey by Jemni or Maze Runner by Thuthu (watch out for those inferior knockoff maze runner servers)

Have you completely upgraded a workbench to level 29 on expert mode? Try doing that on Skeeve’s Exile.
Try riding all 20 handcar parks on Skylands Arena.
Try the dark ride on Rabbithole.
Try building an amusement park style ride.
Have you bred a rainbow unicorn all the way from a gray donkey?
have you bred every type of dodo?
have you raced on a shark?
Have you battled on a unicorn?


Roleplay servers if you are looking for new friends and a nice time. Wanna go deep? Research servers and their history, maybe even discover conversation through signs!
If your looking for adventures, try going a factions servers, or try Expert mode servers if you want challenging and fun gameplay.


Build a royal knight in shining armor out of bronze and iron blocks!


Being interested in the game really depends on your perspective and interests.
Some games are flashy and reward the brain with happy jingles and flashing colours, others give you storyline and an emotional ride by being invested in the game progression, others require more thoughtful gameplay, and the list goes on.
With Blockheads there are many aspects that people tend to enjoy, from the exploration experience to the planning and designing required to build things.
Others love the social aspect and the teamwork involved in running servers together.
For me I love the involved genetic system Dave implemented in the tulips, and the new challenge of breeding and taming mobs, and my compulsive need to collect every possible item in the game and to make sure that once I have collected it I can manufacture/breed/grow more of it.
Some people love games that they can mentally wade into and explore, others like their games to come to them and hand them thrills without contemplation. It’s an individual thing so don’t feel bad if this game is not for you.


And if none of that helps take a break from the game. Try some other games :slight_smile:


I often switch back between three main games because after a few months of being bored with a certain game can make me want to go back.


Explore a 4x size world!


Explore an entire 16x world by walking


Do what I did when I got bored: Make a 1/16th world and try to get all the pole items as fast as possible.


I’m sorry, but your title is not a question, so I’m afraid I cannot answer and solve your problem.