TC Block Value

I think with ads the TC block value has really gone down, relatively, because now even with a diamond pickaxe you don’t earn as much as you can from a single ad. It would be awesome I’d block value was doubled or something, so mining had the potential of being more lucrative than just watching an ad every ten minutes… or perhaps TC blocks would simply not harm the durability of a tool, to balance it out a little.
Any thoughts? I haven’t put too much time into this idea, just occurred to me as I restarted on my new phone.


I think the value should go very up

Yeah, the value should go up by a lot.

I’d settle for the Diamond Pickaxe yielding 20 TC instead of 18. I’m too OCD and I like having my TC count go up in increments of 20😂


Maybe move the base value of TC blocks to 5 TC? It’s a nice number for @Skeeve to work with and a diamond pickaxe would yield a sweet 30 TC which is equal to 1.5 ads.

The only thing I would say about 5 base TC is that there would be 3 tiers that yield an amount of TC that is greater than or equal to 1 ad.

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Same! :rofl:

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I also have OCD with the increment of 20 TC.

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I think that’s kinda the point here. Everyone has cleaned Dave out from pirating TC and making so many servers that he needs the revenue from the advertisements. He doesn’t get a cent when we mine TC blocks.

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I think that issue has mostly passed by now since the update came out and those servers have run out of funds. Could be wrong of course.

I always felt like blocks were the true source of time crystals while ads were the alternative source… felt like that was how it was supposed to be.

Anyway I like the idea for the base being 5 TC.


It’s just not worth going out and looking for blocks, so I got another vote on yes, I don’t know how to make a poll, can someone do that please

  • Yes, Increase the value of TC blocks
  • No, don’t change the value of TC blocks

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Here’s your poll :slight_smile:

Well I definitely think the TCs mines from a block with a diamond pickaxe should be increased to 20. I don’t think it would be necessary for the value to be increased a lot.

I think it could be like this as the maximum:
Normal: 5
Amethyst: 10
Sapphire: 15
Emerald: 20
Ruby: 25
Diamond: 30

Normal: 3
Amethyst: 7
Sapphire: 11
Emerald: 15
Ruby: 18
Diamond: 20