TC blocks

I wanted to ask what are tc blocks? I came across it In the blockheads forum

A block that gives TC when mined

How much does it give

TC blocks are blocks that grant time crystals when mined. They are only found on vanilla/survival servers and yield the most time crystals when mined with a gem pickaxe. By hand, the block yields 1 time crystal. With a standard metal/stone pickaxe it gives 3, and with a gem pickaxe you receive the multiple of the pickaxe level (diamond pickaxes give 18)

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What’s a vanilla server

A vanilla server is a survival server, as opposed to a custom server. It’s a “normal” server that does not have any special settings

Please can anyone suggest a survival/vanilla server? Please include the link.

Check out some of the servers in the multiplayer category here on the forums. If you’re looking for servers to find TCs in, I feel like you might have better luck by creating a single player world for mining TCs. Most populated servers don’t have many TC blocks remaining and I’ve found that it’s quite easy to mine a lot of TC by obtaining a diamond pickaxe on a single player world and searching for TC there.


Why not go into a singleplayer world to find time crystals instead?


If you plan on mining a lot of TC blocks in a single player 4x world, then don’t mine them unless you have a diamond pickaxe. It might be expensive, but in such a big world, it’ll pay off handsomely if you mine enough. But ONLY DO THIS ON A VANILLA SINGLEPLAYER 4X WORLD.