Tc items settings in custom rules


Now that I think of it there needs to be an option for tc items in custom rules.

It would have 4 settings:

Costly (2x the normal cost)
Very Costly (4x the normal cost)

This wouldn’t have customization for each item but rather for all items would be linked to the same thing.

Blockheads will not be affected by the “free” option but rather just normal, costly and very costly.

Useful for if you want to get a lot of trade portals quite easily.


Yes, i think that would work


Could we also have free (not really free, it is normal crafting except you don’t need tc), disabled (no crafting or using), non craftable (you can only use it), and in trade portals (you can buy in trade portals. Brings the nostalgia that you could once buy gold beds.)?


Why not just adding trade portals into the custom spawn items?
Same for portals.
But yeah, it would be useful since they’re expensive


Yeah but mostly takes away the point of tc and the fact some people pay for the tc, with this they wouldn’t need to so it brings us back to before 1.7, Dave not getting the income he deserves to help support the game.


Custom Rules, not vanilla…
Besides server credit will still be payed for.