TC Piracy

I Would Just Like to say, I used to use TC safes. I now understand that it is piracy and basically stealing from Dave. Since, I You Paying for the TC is how the server is payed for, and how they pay for bandwidth. And people wonder why they changed credit currency from TC to money. They have seen absolutely NO increase in income, as they expected people to start paying for TC and the server, but no. People STILL had to use TC safes.
It. Is. WRONG. So please, STOP USING TC SAFES. You are stealing from Majic, and Dave. It’s better to come clean about using them rather than hiding the fact, then someone catching you red handed. So please guys, STOP. You should all feel ashamed of yourselves as I do myself.


Back in 2015, 2016 and a bit of 2017. I used time crystal safes, and in 2015 I really didn’t know it was piracy until I watched a video by Redeagle in which he explained why it was bad. really didn’t stop me but for the time I believe I had stopped, but just came back later on.

Eventually after a while I just stopped using them entirely, and in 1.7 the method of using pirated tcs was removed.

i do regret putting dave through thousands of dollars of debt, but i really do not think about it as it is all in the past.

Thousands of dollars?


Dave’s financial status is not the issue, and is certainly not up for discussion. The issue is whether the game supports itself.

For example, there will come a time when it doesn’t earn enough to pay me to support it, and for the hosting overheads to be met, and as such when I won’t be here and neither will the hosting platform. It’ll all be Mac servers, singleplayer, and you guys supporting one another. This is the reality of the business we are in. It’s nobody’s fault, and is to be expected. I think the game has had a long and satisfactory life, and it is still going. That’s a good thing :slight_smile:


Could you please delete two of your posts or merge them? You triple posted.

It has been fixed. Now it is no longer an issue because TC isn’t used for server credit. :slight_smile:

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