TC Trapdoor trick 1.6.3 (iOS)

Content removed temporarily as I have gotten complaints that this may actually be a harmful exploit, if it isn’t I will put it back.


But I have no existing TC trapdoors. :open_mouth: :crying_cat_face:

This can only be done at worlds that have them, like Rabbithole or Neverland. These tc blocks also create invisible backwall!

I don’t really play in those worlds. It would be nice if TC blocks could be placed and built everywhere. That would be fun…

Sometimes it does not work going up, maybe it is related to the invisible backwall.

Very interesting.

I’m just happy and smiling now because I’m in the video😁

This is so weird… It’s cool. ._.

It still works!? I thought that was fixed a long time ago. :exploding_head:

Does it only work above ground or does it work underground too?

I haven’t tried underground, but I will test it soon.

I tried breaking the blocks (adding then breaking), you don’t get tc from it.

You must make a silk touch pickaxe to get the block in your inventory. :joy:

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