Tech advice help

Well I need some help very soon I will have the opportunity to pick out a Mac and a new phone I wanna start planning now

• I want something that is under $1,000
• I don’t want something I have to replace anytime soon
• I don’t need the newest
• the new phone will be iPhone I don’t like android

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If you want a home button then get the 8 but otherwise get the xr or 12 mini.

Get a 2018 MacBook Air or late 2016 MacBook (no extension just plain MacBook)

I have a 6 rn how much longer until the 8 will be like the 6 is now?

I just realized I said 8… I meant 2nd gen SE…

  • angry Android users intensifies *
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Before I begin, if you’re worried about refurbished Apple products, don’t be. They’re essentially identical to brand new Apple products (excluding the fancy box that they come in).

Take a look at this article for more information:

With that out of the way, here are my personal recommendations for you. :slight_smile:

The latest MacBook Air (base model) runs for $849 if you buy it refurbished:‑core-cpu-and-7‑core-gpu-gold

The latest iPhone SE (base model) runs for $399 if you buy it brand new:

Take a look at Apple’s comparison website where you can compare the iPhone 6 to the latest iPhone SE:


Disagree, 8 will be outdated soon and XR has a mediocre screen.

Get the IPhone 12 or 12 mini, it’s expensive but it’s a huge improvement coming from your 6 :heart:

  1. It hasn’t been confirmed that the iPhone 8 will be outdated soon. Where exactly did you hear that?
  2. I don’t think @agentpinkdog cares about the quality of the display, nor could the average person even care in the first place or notice the difference anyway.

Does @agentpinkdog really need all the bells and whistles though? They said in their original post that they don’t need the newest iPhone or the flashiest iPhone.

My dad has the xr and that screen is a million times better than my 6s screen so the 6 should feel about tue same

The 6s still gets updates, the 8 is gonna be at least another 2-4 years before it’s dropped. I would still get the second gen se over the 8 though

Yes, exactly! The display is still very good.

Yeah, you’re much better off buying an iPhone SE (2nd generation) rather than an iPhone 8.

The standard update cycle for an iPhone is normally about 4- 5 years after release…

Personally, I wouldn’t even think buying the Iphone 8 from 2017… only if you really really love the Touch ID button instead of Face ID… and if you’re on a budget.

  • IPhone Xr Display is: 828 x 1792 pixels (326 ppi density) Very good if the year was 2018…
  • IPhone 12 Mini Display: 1080 x 2340 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (476 ppi density) That’s the new normal… and not even a fair comparison lmao


What will you use the iMac for? Gaming, schoolwork, 3d modeling?

Coding and just as a computer in general

my uncle has the 12 and my dad has the XR, with them side by side the only difference I noticed was that the 12 screen seemed to have a higher top brightness…

then get the SE second gen, its better than the 8 and it is newer. I suggested the SE second gen. I accidentally put 8 in my first post. the 8 is still good but the SE second gen is better and cheaper.

These days, it’s now five to six years. Honestly, @agentpinkdog has nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:

Which is why the iPhone SE (2nd generation) would be a better option.

Again, the average person isn’t going to care or even notice. @agentpinkdog doesn’t need the best display on an iPhone.

It doesn’t have to be an iMac. A MacBook would also do just fine.

My recommendation still stands then. :slight_smile:

And that might actually have to do with HDR.

Yeah, the iPhone SE (2nd generation) is perfect. It’s not the latest iPhone or the flashiest iPhone, but it’s by far the best iPhone for anybody who upgrading from something like the iPhone 6.


I think I might go with @WumboJumbo‘s suggestions at least for iPhone (I got a job which is why I can afford it still waiting for orientation) I don’t need or want the latest and “greatest” honestly I’d prefer to keep my 6 if it could upgrade to the newest iOS lol I will be able to buy a phone with one check but it’ll take a couple for a Mac I want a MacBook because I prefer laptops

other than the inside the 6 is almost identical to the second gen SE

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Yay! Then I’ll probably go for that one… I also have a wireless charger I want to be able to use (I got it for free)

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Great choice! :lol:

Oh, so you’ll be buying a refurbished model of the latest MacBook Air (base model) later on?

The back of the iPhone SE (2nd generation) looks significantly more different compared to the iPhone 6.

Again, great choice! :lol:

The iPhone SE (2nd generation) supports wireless charging. :smiley:

By the way, which company created the wireless charger that you have? Just curious… :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure…. Walmart sent it to me