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It was after I participated in Girls Who Code our sponsor was Walmart

And yes every mobile device I own has and will have a case

Oh, okay. That’s good to know.

@OSHAOSHAWOT is right then. :slight_smile:

I have my iPhone SE now I got it first thing Saturday morning I saved around $70 on it I got it brand new at Walmart (tax free) I definitely recommend it and like it thanks for the help it was also the cheapest recent version my me@walmart app (app I use for work) is much faster now :grin:

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Do you like your iPhone SE? Did you get a MacBook?

Yes I do and not yet because I didn’t have enough to get both

My first check was almost $500 I bought a phone and a 24 inch tv and I’ve been buying smaller stuff mostly food and drinks for work but I’ll definitely have enough when I get my next check which is not this Thursday but the Next Thursday after that

Okay, keep us updated!

What kind of television did you get?

Oh, how much did it cost? I’m surprised that it isn’t even 1080p.

Walmart TVs are terrible and shouldn’t exist… you can find better TVs for cheaper on Amazon most of the time. For 24 inches you don’t want anything less than 1080p… if you don’t notice anything wrong with it then it’s fine but I don’t really like them…

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It works fine for me and I really don’t like the idea of buying electronics online I will have no choice for a MacBook but if I had a choice I wouldn’t wanna buy it online :grimacing: I live on a busy road if someone saw the box they could steal it plus a lot of things could happen I don’t trust it

@WumboJumbo well $145 after tax which I realized later is a little much for 24 inch but I would rather pay more here then get it online

Even if you try to look for a new television at a physical retail store, you could probably still find a 1080p television for a cheaper price.

As long as you enjoy the television, that is all that matters. :slight_smile:

Which version of the 2nd generation iPhone SE did you end up getting?

Go to like target or best buy then but walmart tvs are way too overpriced for what they are…

I got it from straight talk I also bought it at Walmart

Some towns don’t have either and I refuse to support target and my parents would never take me to target

then just go somewhere that sells TVs that isn’t walmart

I was wondering which configuration of the 2nd generation iPhone SE you purchased.

Wait, why? Couldnt you argue that Walmart is even more controversial than Target?

Walmart doesn’t really treat women as equals
(Wages are less, .etc)
Source: my retired teacher

Your retired teacher is very wrong my source is I work at Walmart [quote=“WumboJumbo, post:38, topic:85854”]
Wait, why? Couldnt you argue that Walmart is even more controversial than Target?

I would rather not get into it

Not existent in the town I live in unless you mean a flea market/thrift store

Um black I didn’t see different storage options I’ll have to check later

To make matters worse…

If you want a general list of all the controversies that Walmart has been involved in…

Read this support article.

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If asthma is considered a disability my Walmart doesn’t discriminate based on that :joy: it feels like so many people there have asthma which makes me feel less alone

Anywaysss it’s 64 GB and I don’t wanna argue about Walmart