Teleport Chests


Read on.

First off, we need a “chest bench”

In workbench lvl 2:
Chest Bench
Craft Chests.
1 Chest
1 Woodwork bench
Takes 30 secs.

You can craft safes and wooden,
Gold, and feeder chests. They can still be crafted from their original bench, but you can also craft them here.

Also, heres another addition to the chest bench. If not, then this will be in metalwork bench.

Teleport Chest
Connect Two Chests.
1 gold chest
10 copper wire
5 steel ingots
Takes 1 minute.

Teleport Safe
1 safe
15 copper wire
5 steel ingots
Takes 1.5 minutes.

Place two teleport chests anywhere. Link them with copper wire. You can now access the same items in both chests, as if they were one chest. If one item is remove or placed, then it also updates to the other one.

Teleport safes are the same concept, except only you (and admins) can access.

Note: you cannot connect a teleport chest and a teleport safe.

Wireless Teleport Chest
1 teleport chest
50 time crystals
Takes 1.5 minutes.

Basically a portal chest except it is limited to one world. Only you can access items just like a normal portal chest. All placed wireless tp chests will have the same items.


At first I thought this thread was suggesting teleporting chests. :joy:


I cant really think of a good name. Its one of those moments.


I really like this idea. Especially if you are like me with a thousand chests that are supposed to be organized but never are. I feel like it would be so much easier to collect things. Ooh what if this also applied to shops where you can collect your money from anywhere.


And a portal chest is for? The wireless one sounds just like a portal chest, escepter instead of available everywhere its available in only one world


Yes it a portal chest, did you not read the text?


I kinda only read down to where I saw the wireless chest and didn’t see the portal chest part. Sorry


This only for two. I wonder how we can connect three…

And if we can nest them.


I think that cheats and safes should be able to be connected, as it would add interesting possibilities for a mail system


We don’t want a mail system. All communication should be public for the safety of younger players.


Interesting idea.

I considered a similar idea to this. I think it was a red portal chest that you didn’t have to spend Tc on and it worked a lot like your wireless tp chest. Virtually the same.

I think your tp chests would work on a large building. Like a mail system for items.

But there are also other mechanics to consider. Like: we know that only the person that placed down the portal chest can access their items from it. What happens if someone else’s wire connects to one of yours?

I can see that the chests and safes are virtually the same. Just connected to each other.


Wireless cant be connested. And wired, anyone can access. Except for safes. Idk about safes…


I think this would be great if it was pretty much a simple “custom rules portal chest”.


Usually people uses signs as mails…


They mean mailing items and not communication


“How to dupe in 1.8 (works best on laggy servers)”


true true
But still the rules about no discussion about duping-


You can discuss duping. This was established ages ago. I just forgot to update the FAQ.


But not the method of how to do it. Those can be PM directly to milla.


Good point. Thanks, asyc :slight_smile: