Teleporting anywhere (Without a portal)

Just suggesting this because why not, I know it may not happen but it is worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be able to teleport anywhere should be an option, in order to do it you will need to tap an area you want to teleport 3 times, then a dialogue box will pop up knowing if you want to teleport to that spot. Teleporting anywhere (without a portal) will cost 2.5x more time crystals then with a portal, so what used to cost 10 time crystals would cost 25 time crystals. There will be limits to this, you can only teleport to areas you already discovered, you cannot teleport into the sky unless there is an island, and you cannot teleport in protected areas unless you own it. In custom rules there will be an option to disable this under Teleportation.


I like this idea, but maybe this can only be enabled in custom rules? It seems a tad overpowered in survival. It doesn’t really make sense for a blockhead to be able to teleport like a wizard (almost) anywhere without external help. Then again, being able to walk on magma, swimming across an ocean without stopping, and being able to mine stone with bare hands doesn’t make sense either…


Very useful for building.

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If you wouldn‘t have to place portals, there would be much less lag! I love this idea! :slight_smile:

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Awesome idea! My world would be much less laggier.

Great Idea but many just 1.5-2 times as 2.5 not many can afford

no thanks, i think it would be better at 2.5

I see people getting in caves that are waiting to be protected but arn’t which could be a problem but other than that great idea.

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Ten is how much the First tp is your paying 25 tc (witch you only get 20 tc) not everyone can afford that especially when it gets up to 200 tc
That’s 450 TC! I feel like that’s a bit to much