TELL THE TRUTH - Custom Rules

Ok. So tell the truth in Custom Rules.
What does this mean?
Story: (true!)
When custom rules first came out, I made a custom rules world. I saw this pop up when I pressed the ‘?’ (It was similar to this. This is a picture from 1.7, but this happened in 1.6.1.)

2 things here are not true:

  1. Controlling how much dropbears spawn, or other animals
    So, number one could be hard to do, but a solution for number 2:
    When you are in the Custom Rules menu, you can press ‘item bans’
    Then, a list will come up. You can cancel any item ban at any time.
    You can press ‘create a ban’
    Then, pick an item. Press ‘create ban’.
    Congratulations! You banned the item.
    Now, when others try to craft it, it would say:
    ‘Sorry, that item is banned from crafting’
    Also, you may not meditate it.
    Next, if it is already in someone’s inventory, they can still have it and hold it, attack with it, drop, or sell it, but cannot use it to craft or place.
    They cannot buy from trade portal, even with all items accessible setting.
    Thanks for reading my idea!
    It can help servers that have a rule like ‘no this item’.

Interesting! I like it!

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Think those things may have been planned at one point, but we’re scrapped to make the update come faster?

Well spotted :slight_smile:

I think he put mob numbers instead of difficulty in error, but I’m not sure about the crafting. That could have been meant to be trade, or it could have been something that he planned to add. I’m not sure which.

Technically you can, just change vegetation settings.
That way, less plants and trees will appear, affecting the generation rate.

Not the EXACT amount, though

No, you can’t set mob numbers. Yes, more pines means they’re more likely, but even then, you can get a lot of them in one tree! In the rules you can set their aggressiveness, if you will, but how many there are is not affected by that.

It doesn’s say the exact ammount, but yeah, it would be cool to select:
Dropbears spawning per tree: 9999

This would be great against certain things that are used to harm a world. Nicely thought. :slight_smile:


This is the pic of 1.6.1 update i still have it cause i recorded it.
I think it is the same

Oh wow, I somehow totally forgot custom settings weren’t a thing before. Time flies…
Banning certain items sounds like a cool addition :+1:

Though it’s a bit late, since this thread is now at the front…
I was really hoping we would be able to blacklist items from the moment I heard about this. Personally I was thinking it would be via a menu similar to the spawn items menu, but it would be blacklisted items: “item 1”, “item 2”, etc., and at the bottom, “add a new item to the blacklist”. Still hoping maybe one day…

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Also late, but doesn’t this belong in #bugs-glitches?

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No it’s a suggestion