Tempus Crystallo Season 1

Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer (Cancelled)


Never trust a edited post. Usually when I say that it is because I had edited my post XD @JBug knows about it.

Why can’t you upload it?

Is it on youtube?

Upload it on youtube.com, use the share button and put the link on a single line. With nothing else on the line.

On android?

You can’t

Unfortunately apple is not one to take security lightly, which apparently means everyone screen recorder is banned.

Go into Settings.
Click Control Center
Customize Controls
Add it to your Control Center
Go into the app, and open the control center, like you would to open music
Press the Screen Record

Make it into a gif. That’s what I did

I used this

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Make a YouTube Account
  3. Press the Upload() button.
  4. Press your video you made
  5. Name it and do all that stuff (Make it public or unlinked)
  6. Upload
  7. Wait
  8. Get the link and post it in a onebox here on the forums.

It’s restricted on my school account… :wow:

I’ll check it later

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Nice iMovie Trailer!

Next time, use the camera tool to get rid of the inventory and chat.

But I liked the trailer.

Oh. Lol.

Nice idea of making a film, wonder where you got it…

I see you used iMovie…

@WumboJumbo could you not delete all your posts like that, please? It trashes the thread.


whats with everyone using latin names?!?!!?


Lemme guess… A guy named Tempus Crystallo loves time crystals and has them all in a safe?

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