Thank you for making this wonderful game

blockheads is certainly a great game, it had a unique play style and an art style that makes you feel so cozy and relaxed, blockheads certainly changed who I am both online and in real life, it taught me a lot of things, like friend ship, art, and English, me meeting new people definitely helped me build up my confidence and helped me improve my English language by a lot, and the friends I made on way were so dear to me, that if someone leaves for more than 2 days ill be genuinely worried about their safety.

the day when the servers update came out was so exiting to me, I finally had a chance to share my work to the world, after a couple of weeks the server was becoming popular and a lot of people started working together to make beautiful structures.

i remember the days back in 2013-2016 where I used to wake up so exited to play blockheads with my friends, those days i can never forget ,the days i met great people, learnt life lessons , and the day the made me love building structures.

lets all return the favor to dave, and thank him for this great gift he have us.


if you don’t mind me asking, what happened to my old forums account?

yoz! after reading this and thinking about it, this game actually is a good teaching tool. It teaches us how to be a manager, but personally, for me, I enjoy creations and buildings :laughing: all credits goes to Dave, Milla, and the crew :slight_smile:


What was the username of your old account?

If your old account was pre-Discourse (i.e. Vbulletin), and you no longer have access to the email address you have lost the old one.


i also have emails from 2018 if thats useful

Nothing is useful to me. Only you can get access to your account, by asking the forums to reset the password on your old account, and following the instructions in the email it sends you. If you don’t have access to that email account you have lost the old forums account.