The 2018 Blockheads Advent Calendar


This year, I’ve decided to host the first Blockheads Advent Calendar. Enjoy!

What is this?

Each day, from today until Christmas day, I (or potentially someone helping out) will be posting something for the community to enjoy. We’ve had enough negativity lately, let’s be nice! This could be:

  1. Pictures of something built on a server owned by someone on the forum (for this, recycling is cool and all, but this is for new stuff!)
  2. A guide on how to do something that a lot of people don’t know
  3. A scavenger hunt across a one or more forum servers for a prize
  4. A server credit giveaway (at least one…)
  5. Something else (ideas?)

What can I watch to be sure I don’t miss anything?

This thread. I’ll update the calendar with a link to that day’s content.

I want to help

Great! Send me a private message with the day you’d like to take, or reply below if you don’t want it to be a surprise and I’ll add you to the reserved list below.

December Calendar

  1. (before advent)
  2. Welcome message templates
  3. Scavenger Hunt by Sugarflop - Free Credit
  4. Assorted Servers
  5. Fishing for Milla by Milla & Asyc
  6. Handcart Race by bilingual - Free Credit
  7. Scavenger hunt by agentpinkdog
  8. Tulip giveaway by Asyc
  9. Christmas profile picture raffle by Masterbuilder
  10. A wreath
  11. Credit raffle
  12. Milla fishing by Milla & Asyc
  13. Handcart race by Legoboy70
  14. Jemni and Thuthu’s 2018 Holiday Ultimate Scavenger Hunt
  15. Present Search by GoodGradesBoy
  16. Paint giveaway
  17. Games, treasure hunt by agentpinkdog at 12:00:00 AM (Europe: Paris), 3:00:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)
  18. A star
  19. Grinch chase
  20. Creative of Time event by bilingual at 1:00:00 AM (Europe: Paris), 4:00:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)
  21. Handcart race by Legoboy70 at 12:00:00 AM (Europe: Paris), 3:00:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)
  22. Regia’s Christmas List by bleatingsheep39 at 8:30:00 AM (Europe: Paris), 11:30:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)
  23. Sleigh & Reindeer
  24. Credit Giveaway

Assorted Servers
The Official The BlockHeads Forums Year Book Of 2018 (By JarlPenguin and TheFoil)



@Bibliophile this is so lovely! Will be PM soon when I have a idea!


Thank you for doing this! :slightly_smiling_face:
I haven‘t bought an advent calendar for myself this year bc I felt too old but thanks to you I‘ve got something to look forward to every day anways :relaxed:


Thank you @Sugarflop for today’s event!

Somewhere, on an economy server known for awesome events, friendly staff, and some really fabulous builds. A painting (below) has appeared. The first person to find said painting and reply to this thread with a picture of their Blockhead standing under it will receive one month of server credit to the server of their choosing.

What are you waiting for? Start looking!


Please remember to provide a join link to the server you’d like credit added too when posting your Blockheads selfie :slight_smile:


Credit giveaway on Creative of Time at December 7, 2018 2:00 AM (Europe: Paris), December 6, 2018 5:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)! We’ll do it on the cave track, located underneath Hotel Aubergine to the right of spawn.

I’ll do a month to first place and a week to second place, to the server of their choice.

See you there!

Will u add credit to my sisters server:anime hearts
Cloud Server: Creative of Time

Wrong thread?


Nope, totally the right thread! I recommended that @bilingual give people some notice since the event will be held at a specific time. I’ve added it to the OP.


By December 13, 2018 (Europe: Paris), December 12, 2018 (America: Los Angeles), PM me:

  1. Your favorite Christmas tradition
  2. What you would like me to make for you (you can specify a specific template if you’d like, but being general is okay too)
  3. The server you want me to make it on

I will write your names down on paper and do a drawing. Good luck! :smile:


Hmm. Was planning something that would’ve gone perfectly with this. Too bad only 1/10 parts of it are finished. :confused:


It’s still technically the 4th for me! I’m sorry today came so late! Today was… crazy.

Thread posted!


@milla has agreed to host today’s event!

Fishing for Milla is back! Starting at December 6, 2018 2:00 AM (Europe: Paris), December 5, 2018 5:00 PM (America: Los Angeles) (auto-converts to your time zone) Milla will be floating between the following servers. Your goal is to catch as many millafishes as possible :slight_smile:

  • Rabbithole by Mad Hatter
  • Skylands Arena by Jemni
  • Caron’s Peace by Caron
  • Sugarflop by Sugarflop
  • Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire by Skeeve
  • Harmful Paradise by Fear..less
  • Giants by BrerRabbit

If you’d like to suggest another world, just reply below and I’ll add it to the list :slight_smile:



Too late for me :frowning:


Why not Pixmilla?


It’s a whitelisted server, so less people have access to it.


Posting screenshots of some of the timeszones:


Present Search!

On December 15, 2018 2:00 AM (Europe: Paris), December 14, 2018 5:00 PM (America: Los Angeles), you can find green signs inside random chests located at the server PVP Search

To help you out, here what a green sign in a chest looks like.

There are o n l y SEVEN signs! And they will be available to claim from the date above to December 18, 2018 1:00 AM (Europe: Paris), December 17, 2018 4:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)! Here are the seven prizes:

  1. Level 6 Trade Portal
  2. Level 6 Trade Portal
  3. Diamond Pickaxe
  4. Two Titanium Pickaxes
  5. Jetpack + Set of Pole Items
  6. Golden Bed
  7. 99 Platinum Coins

Once you have found a sign, turn hand it to @GoodGradesBoy on PVP Search and claim it on a vanilla server.

You can claim more than one prize. Some vanilla servers may require for you to let me borrow a portal chest.

Mac Server: PVP Search

I could be planning a Christmas party at Griffen-land beginning December 20th to Dec 25th.


Just a note: I am staying near spawn on each world, or going to spawn if I’m way out, so that admins and owners don’t have an unfair advantage. Try and fish me on as many of my visits as you can.

I’m also not staying anywhere longer than ten minutes. Catch me if you can :slight_smile:

Don’t worry if you can’t cast. Just have a fishing rod in your Blockhead’s hand.


We just had a lovely milla sighting on Sugarflop !