The 2018 Blockheads Advent Calendar


Harmful Paradise is out of the cycle. I got griefed twice and then got complaints, so ignore than one!


Would you like to hide at Griffen-land? For a session of fish?


Here are the millafishes I caught.

And here are the ones that were too wild for me to catch. There were also a few that were very clever and evaded finding.


Nicely done! Now we have to see who posts what!

I’m kind of tired now. I need to go and feed the bunny. Will come back and see all the millafishes later :slight_smile:


I found only one milla.



No I missed it


Maybe later we’ll get a “Fish for MajicDave” event!

um most likely not


Dang it… I was asleep. That was around 3 am for me.


If there’s enough interest from Europe we could do it again at a different time.


I am going to participate for that month of credit if its okay


Congrats to @Legoboy70 on winning the month and @potato4 for winning the week! And I would like to thank the whole five people that showed up! Really didn’t think it would get that many people. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Donated the month to griffen land. Potato4 will PM me later with the server. :slight_smile:


Sorry i couldn’t come bestie


I’m sorry I missed it! I wanted to show up, but life… got in the way. Events with a fairly small time frame are hard to coordinate for a lot of people.


Thanks to @agentpinkdog for today’s event!

Somewhere on a challenge server that has been flooded with both water and things to do, a chest with 25 platinum coins has been hidden. This is enough to buy almost anything you like and would be a huge help to new players just getting started. Ailes is waiting on you :slight_smile:


What do we do if we find it lol sorry if its posted already I tried to read and find an answer


Then you can keep the coins show a picture with the chest and tell me so i can remove the chest


well I found it lol but now I’m stuck in the ice!!! Waiting game until it melts!


I photobombed him once, but didn’t think of fishing :frowning: