The 2019 Blockheads Advent Calendar

Welcome to the 2019 Blockheads Advent Calendar! Just like last year I’ve decided to host this event with something new each day.


What is this?

Each day from today until the 24th, I (or someone else helping out) will be posting something new for the community to enjoy. This could be:

  • Something new built on a server
  • A guide on some little-known feature of the game
  • A scavenger hunt across servers for a prize
  • A server credit giveaway
  • Something else… post ideas!

How do I make sure I don’t miss anything?

Watch this thread. I’ll be updating the OP daily with the event/giveaway/build for that day + replying with a link if necessary.

How can I help?

Last year several people signed up to host an event, only to pull out at the last minute… sometimes leaving me with <2 hours to get something up. For this reason, unless you are planning to do something quick (e.g. click post on a guide you write before the day) I ask that you coordinate with at least one other player so that you have a backup if something unexpected happens.

Also, last year taught me that some ideas are more likely to be successful than others. Events which just try to bring people together on a server rely on people having the time to show up, remembering the time, and nothing unexpected happening. This can work, but it is incredibly difficult to pull off well… unless you are Milla or something. Several events last year had an unfortunately very small turnout, a couple only had one or two people show. I won’t say don’t do this, but be aware that it probably won’t attract a large turnout.

I also learned that making events too long isn’t a good idea. I spent a LOT of time on the Grinch Scavenger Hunt but the search was so long that only two people finished it. I’ll probably be doing something similar this year, but will be more careful to keep it timeboxed so it can be completed in an hour or two.


Event links, separated for convenience.

Advent Calendar

  1. Expert mode ice/water farm
  2. [Tool] Big painting splitter
  3. Decorate a tree, get server credit
  4. Gold Spade Statistics
  5. Holiday Profile Picture Raffle by Masterbuilder
  6. Build Competition for Server Credit by Sugarflop
  7. MessageBot updates
  8. Tulip breeding - how it works
  9. Credit Raffle
  10. MessageBot Prompts
  11. Assorted Servers 2019
  12. What is the best way to get energy?
  13. Build a Snowman, get server credit
  14. What was/is your favorite server?
  15. Candy Cane Crush- Advent Calendar, Dec. 15, 2019 Server-AAE by shadowolf
  16. What is your favorite update?
  17. BH Science: Falling
  18. How do you feed your blockheads?
  19. Take a picture with Santa!
  20. Decorate for Christmas, get server credit
  21. BH Science: Travel Speeds
  22. Blockheads Trivia + Blockheads Backgrounds
  23. What does it take to beat expert mode?
  24. All Tulip Colors

Huh. A full year gone by and I’ve only finished three parts of the idea I wanted to contribute last time around built. I’m not sure if that should make me sad or depressed.

Thanks for taking the time to host a seasonal event though, I’m sure it’s got to be taxing coming up with something new for 25 days straight! Though I’ve never participated in it, I’m sure countless other people are excited to see this event making it’s return.


wooooo! YAY!


Thank you very much for taking the time to host this Bib. I enjoyed the Grinch Scavenger Hunt very much last year, love the puzzles and riddles you created for us to solve! Look forward to see the events unfold this year.


I’m so excited! This is going to be fun! :santa:


For posterity, since I’m updating the OP with the day’s calendar, here’s day 1.

day 1

This is a bit later than I wanted, I actually had everything ready 9 hours ago… but had to get home from school to take a pic of the calendar since I forgot to this morning before leaving.

Day 2 has been posted! Today it’s a tool for making big paintings more easiliy. [Tool] Big painting splitter



Day 3 has been posted! Decorate a tree, get server credit


Also, send Masterbuilder your favorite Halloween candy to enter into the drawing for the 5th :slight_smile: - Holiday Profile Picture Raffle


Day 4 has been posted! I spent a lot of time hitting blocks with the wrong type of tool. Gold Spade Statistics

day 4

Remember to send Masterbuilder a PM if you haven’t already! Day 5 event


Thanks to @Masterbuilder for hosting today’s event! He ran a raffle to get a custom profile picture and @WumboJumbo won.


@Sugarflop is hosting tomorrow’s event, it will be a build competition on ECONOMY BUILD, and the winner will get a month of free server credit! NEW SERVER OPEN: ECONOMY BUILD

The event will be 9:00:00 PM, so be sure to be there if you want to compete :slight_smile:


Heya everyone! Don’t forget to come by for our build comp today! should be alotta fun! find the details on the Economy Build thread :grin:


I must also thank @Masterbuilder! I can’t wait to get my custom profile picture! :smiley:


Ten minutes until we start!

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Thanks for doing today @Sugarflop!

day 6


Today I’ve been scrambling to get as much prepared for next week as possible, finals coming up so I don’t want to spend too much time on this during the week :wink: I added a few requested features to the MessageBot today. The Message Bot



Day 8 has been posted, I reveal how tulip breeding works thanks to Dave :slight_smile: Tulip breeding - how it works



I just realized I forgot to plug this again, just four days left! Odds are looking pretty good for any entries :wink: Decorate a tree, get server credit


I don’t have any time today, so here’s a simple day :slight_smile: Vote to enter into a drawing for a month of credit on a server of your choice. *

Where do you play?

  • Survival
  • Custom
  • Expert survival
  • Expert custom

0 voters

* Must be redeemed by the end of January 2020

day 9


Today I released a frequently requested feature for the MessageBot - a way to ask people questions and respond to their answers. The prompts extension lets you create custom prompts for a server :slight_smile:

(I tried to make a pixel art of chains since this has been called chained triggers before… but I’m no artist XD)

day 10


It’s still the 11th for me… I have another hour and 15 minutes… I forgot to post this like 6 hours ago. Oops!

Like last year, I went through a bunch of forum servers and categorized them for your enjoyment Assorted Servers 2019