The 2019 Blockheads Advent Calendar

Today I’ve been scrambling to get as much prepared for next week as possible, finals coming up so I don’t want to spend too much time on this during the week :wink: I added a few requested features to the MessageBot today. The Message Bot



Day 8 has been posted, I reveal how tulip breeding works thanks to Dave :slight_smile: Tulip breeding - how it works



I just realized I forgot to plug this again, just four days left! Odds are looking pretty good for any entries :wink: Decorate a tree, get server credit


I don’t have any time today, so here’s a simple day :slight_smile: Vote to enter into a drawing for a month of credit on a server of your choice. *

Where do you play?

  • Survival
  • Custom
  • Expert survival
  • Expert custom

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* Must be redeemed by the end of January 2020

day 9


Today I released a frequently requested feature for the MessageBot - a way to ask people questions and respond to their answers. The prompts extension lets you create custom prompts for a server :slight_smile:

(I tried to make a pixel art of chains since this has been called chained triggers before… but I’m no artist XD)

day 10


It’s still the 11th for me… I have another hour and 15 minutes… I forgot to post this like 6 hours ago. Oops!

Like last year, I went through a bunch of forum servers and categorized them for your enjoyment Assorted Servers 2019



Day 12 is up! What is the best way to get energy?


Special thanks to @NYCCI for the design for today’s square in the calendar!


I forgot to do this yesterday, I threw all the names from the poll on the 10th into a randomizer, ran it a million times, and the winner is: @OldYellow! What server would you like the credit applied to?

	[ 'OldYellow', 53364 ],
	[ 'GoodGradesBoy', 53183 ],
	[ 'H3C4v2', 52873 ],
	[ 'OSHAOSHAWOT', 52741 ],
	[ 'Princess_Sarah', 52684 ],
	[ 'Kevichen', 52655 ],
	[ 'agentpinkdog', 52647 ],
	[ 'Sugarflop', 52623 ],
	[ 'DaPerson', 52611 ],
	[ 'Realmiten', 52597 ],
	[ 'Wingysam', 52586 ],
	[ 'MumboJumbo', 52580 ],
	[ 'Masterbuilder', 52520 ],
	[ 'Nick_Benakoln', 52490 ],
	[ 'W.S.Brownies', 52480 ],
	[ 'Catage', 52470 ],
	[ 'TheRabbitKing', 52411 ],
	[ 'Luna-Eclipse', 52290 ],
	[ 'Hdjensofjfnen', 52195 ]

Wow! :laughing:

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Day 13 is up! The tree building competition went really well, so its going again, but this time with snowmen! Build a Snowman, get server credit



lol i just noticed this 12-13 days late

I’ll think about doing one if the conditions are right

@Bibliophile (just a suggestion) having 2 people is a great plan when something needs to be cancelled, it could be easier for you to have them create some kinda of commitment so it’s less likely they’ll cancel last minute or something else (like not being able to cancel the event 20 hours before the event starts or something)

Would you like to see a contest/event hosted by me?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe not?
  • Probably yes

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If so, I’d like to do one on the 15th

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Day 14 is up! What was/is your favorite server?



Hey guys, just wanna say my new mini-game, Candy Cane Crush, is out! Check it out on @Bibliophile’s Calendar List!


Thanks again to @shadowolf for hosting today’s event :slight_smile:

day 15

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I didn’t want to need to do this again today, but none of my planned events are close enough to being done that I can be sure to finish them today and actually get through finals… I should be able to do something better tomorrow…

Vote to enter a drawing for 30 days of credit on a world of your choice* :slight_smile: I’ve dropped 1.0/1.1/1.2 from the poll since they were minor updates compared to the later ones.

* Must be claimed by the end of January 2020

What was your favorite update?

  • 1.3 - Multiplayer
  • 1.4 - Trains & Technology
  • 1.5 - Art, Trade & Agriculture
  • 1.6 - Take Flight
  • 1.7 - Animal Breeding & Expert Mode

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day 16


Day 17 is up! I did an investigation on how much damage Blockheads take from falling. BH Science: Falling

day 17


I’m getting closer on a few ideas, but they still aren’t going to be finished tonight… I was busy with finals today, but am finally done :smiley:

Vote to enter a drawing for a month of credit.* How do you feed your blockheads?

  • Air (custom rules, always full)
  • Fruit
  • Raw dodo / fish
  • Cooked dodo / fish
  • Dodo stew / Fish curry
  • Bread / Flatbread
  • Pizza
  • Rainbow Cake

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* Must be claimed by the end of January 2020

day 18

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Maple seeds. But oranges to heal. Many injuries, many oranges.

You forgot the Sunrise Hat.

Nope, I specifically left it out because it doesn’t keep you full anymore. It slows down your “food loss”, but doesn’t stop it. (Assuming standard world settings)

Day 19 is up! Take a picture with Santa!