The 20th Anniversary of the iPod

The iPod has managed to stand the test of time… sort of? :thinking:

This week is more important than ever (especially so in two days)! You should definitely look back at its (very interesting) history. :slight_smile:

Do you think the iPod could still be relevant if Apple turned it into a music streaming device? It’s still technically relevant since Apple still sells the iPod Touch, but I’m not sure how long that’ll last (especially if you factor in extremely low sales)… :frowning:

After they removed the iPod touch from being accessible without searching I assume they are trying to phase it out… I might buy a 6th gen touch soon

iPod is one of those rare cases of a big corporation cannibalizing one of its own product lines.

It’s cool the the iPod Touch is hanging on by a thread, but like why though? Just get the Mini model of the iPhone 12 or 13

well ofc the iphone 12 mini

Why not a 7th generation? :question:

An iPhone is significantly more expensive than an iPod Touch.

Because I can get a 6th gen cheaper… might be more worth it to just get an og SE

That revision of the iPod Touch can only run up to iOS 12 though.

You’re better off purchasing a 7th generation iPod Touch or a 1st generation iPhone SE like you suggested.

I don’t care if it runs the latest iOS… just need Spotify… which is only ios 12+. I was going to get a 5th gen touch before I found that out

Spotify will eventually require iOS 13 or later.

But the older version will still be supported for a while

You’ll miss out on bug fixes and features.

When Spotify dropped support for iOS 10, the application stopped working shortly after that.

It stopped working because of a huge server-side update… nothing to do with the app itself

How do you know that? :question:

I don’t see anything noteworthy mentioned there.

A mod says it was a server side change that broke the old apps

Yeah, and the same thing could happen in the future.

If you really don’t want to purchase an iPod Touch (7th generation), you might as well purchase an iPhone SE (1st generation).

Yes but it’s not like there is gonna be a huge server revamp super often

The next device I buy is going to be a MacBook and then I wanted to get an iPod or something for music

None of us know how Spotify’s internal servers work.

Yes but they have to update the app to work with the server changes