The 50TC Job at the Trade Portal

I’ve made a few observations about the Trade Portal Job that awards Time Crystals:

  1. Like every other job in the TP - it is universal. This means that when the job is available - it is available everywhere. It shows up on every cloud world and every SP world at the same time. You may have noticed that if you play single player without an internet connection, that the trade portal jobs do not work. Go ahead, try it! I’ll wait… Did you see the message “can’t connect”? Told ya. It’s trying to sync up the jobs with the cloud.

  2. While a 50 TC reward for a 12-hour wait seems hardly worth the trouble, there are ways to make use of it without much effort. One of these is taking advantage of #1 above. As soon as you see that the 50TC job is available, you can go to some obscure server that you hardly play and send your player on that job. (You just have to remember to collect your reward 12 hours later).

  3. All jobs are device dependent. This means if you have a job in progress on one world you won’t be able to access that job on ANY other world using your same device. I know - a bit of a bummer for you peeps who thought you could create 100 worlds and then do 100 TC jobs to earn 5000 TC in 12 hours.:joy:. Kudos to Dave for thinking that one through!

  4. Although you do need 10 platinum coins to run the 50 TC job, the coins are not spent. Just keep them in your inventory and you can keep running that job every day! (I bet a lot of folks didn’t realize this).

  5. Try to avoid accidentally rushing a TC job. This is the only job that when you rush it, you come out worse than before. (Unless you rush it when it’s >3/4 complete - but then your net reward will be smaller than 50 TC)

That’s all folks. Hope this was useful to you TC jobbers out there. :wink:


What if the servers stop working?

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As best as I can tell, Jobs would no longer be available.
However, @Wingysam should be able to confirm that Mac Servers are still capable of running TP jobs.


If Dave’s server goes offline, so do TP jobs everywhere. Jobs aren’t dynamically configured, they’re hardcoded to go through a specific rotation, using the current time as a seed. When you open BH it connects to the cloud to validate the current time.


is ther an algorithm or do you just have to hope that the 50 tc job will be next?

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