The 6th Blockhead!

Edited Jan. 23, 2020 for polishing. Original post can be found at bottom

An unlockable 6th blockhead (and some items)
Crafted using:
1 Portal (Level 6)
300 Time Crystals
5 Fruit (Any kind)
1 Golden Key

Mold Creator (Crafted in a max level workbench):
10 Steel Ingots
5 Steel Blocks
5 Carbon Fiber Sheets
1 Golden Chest

Golden Key Mold (Crafted in the Mold Creator):
10 Silicon Ingots
10 Gold Ingots
5 Glass
5 Steel Blocks

Golden Key (Crafted in the Electric Furnace):
5 Gold Ingots
1 Titanium Ingot
1 Golden Key Mold
1 Diamond

Additional Content for Mold Creator
Key Mold (Crafted in the Mold Creator):
2 Steel Ingots

Key (Crafted in the Electric Furnace):
1 Bronze Ingot
1 Key Mold

Locked Door (Crafted in the Metalwork Bench):
5 Steel Blocks
1 Key

Golden Locked Door (Crafted in the Metalwork bench):
5 Gold Blocks
1 Golden Key

Locked Doors are similar to iron doors but still differ in some notable ways:

  • Locked Doors can be set to only allow certain players through, similar to an ownership sign
  • Golden Locked Doors can be passed through by anyone holding a Golden Key, allowing you to restrict parts of the worlds for players that have progressed a certain amount.

Edited Jan. 23, 2020 to polish. Original suggestion below:

You should be able to unlock the sixth blockhead !
Lvl 6 portal, 300 tc, 5 fruit and one golden key

Electric furnace :
Gold Key : 5 gold ingots, 1 steel ingot, 1 mold, 1 diamond

craft bench 3 :
Mold ( For the Golden Key ) : 10 silicon ingots, 5 glass, 5 steel, 1 moldmaker

Electric Metalwork :
Moldmaker : 10 steel ingots, 5 steel blocks, 5 carbo fiber sheets, 1 golden chest.

A golden key for a sixth blockhead seems cheap, maybe some titanium instead of steel and platinum instead of gold, to make this more endgame

Nice idea Deathguy - I like very much the fact that no one is going to get a 6th blockhead very easily.

Having 6 blockheads would pretty much mean you’ve conquered the challenge of that world.
(And you can still only use 5 blockheads to meditate your first Diamond since you would need a Diamond to get that 6th BH).

How to get Silicon? [emoji24] Im nub :relieved:

You will need electricity to get it, that is all i remember at the moment.

At an electric furnace, take 5 black sand and 5 sand and you can craft a silicon ingot.
Once you craft 5 of those ingots (which requires a total of 25 of Black Sand and Regular Sand each), then you can craft a Silicon Crystal at the same work bench.

Then, once you have a Silicon Crystal you can go to an electric metal bench (or upgraded non-electric metal bench) and craft 5 Silicon Wafers.

Finally, for every 3 Silicon Wafers you have, you can go to a Level 4 Workbench along with 10 copper wire and a Steel Block and make a single Solar Panel.

Ok - probably more information than you needed, I just wanted to see if I could remember all that. :lol:

So to summarize:
5 Solar Panels would cost you:
75 Black Sand
75 Regular Sand
50 Copper Wire
5 Steel Blocks

(By producing, 15 Silicon Ingots, then 3 Silicon Crystals, then 15 Silicon Wafers)

I’d explain further, but it’s a lot of math. :smiley:

wow my god would never rember that much

I guess I play this game way too much :lol:

The devs should add a new blockhead with each major update until they reach a limit to how much the game could handle before crashing. 5 blockheads is too small when you have tons of crafting, building and exploring to do in the world the more blockheads the more work you can get done. Remember the max was 3 blockheads before so the devs understands the potential in adding more blockheads to make the game easier and more fun. Am sure many of us will enjoy more blockheads helping out with crafting stuff and automatic farming with tin foil hats etc. There is tons of use for more blockheads which would make the game even more fun and would bring even more ideas for many players who enjoy this game.

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In that case, I guess it is going to stay at five forever?

When the 1.8 update comes out the devs should add a 6th blockhead same for 1.9 etc

Dave’s not planning on making any more updates anytime soon or even at all since he’s fully devoted to his new game, Sapiens.

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