The ability to queue multiple sleep sessions in one bed

As the title says. I tried to keep it brief, but that was as short as I could get it. Basically, a major problem with queueing lots of jobs for your BH is having to select a different bed each time you want to sleep. This means to keep a BH working overnight (that is, in real life), you need rooms and rooms of golden beds. This can get pretty expensive TC-wise. Now I’m all for supporting Dave and Milla’s work, but it just seems odd that you cannot sleep in a bed more than once.


I agree.

I find it frustrating that I can’t even queue my BH to pick up the bed after they have slept in it if I want them to continue travelling.

Other Items can be selected more than once and you can also set for the item to be removed as the last task. Why can a bed only be selected once?

@Mummyk Which items can be selected more than once?
and you might experiment with breaking blocks under your bed to break it and see if you BH will automatically pick it up before traveling on. I would test it before trusting it, and make sure you haven inventory space.

@You_just Is there a reason they need to be golden beds if you are queuing them while away? Sleep is sleep when you are offline.

@jemnidad I mean things like a kiln, I can set a BH to craft 99 lanterns and then another 99 straight after. Or I could set a BH to craft 50 charcoal then select add fuel. Of course I can’t add the fuel until the first task is finished but this is just a random example.

If I touch a bed after I am already sleeping it just wakes me up.

Golden beds provide the longest crafting time after sleeping. Followed by a soft bed and then wood bed and sleeping on the floor provides the least amount of crafting times.
So it effectively changes the number of items that can be crafted between sleeping sessions if you use a different bed from a golden bed

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Now THAT would be a killer question for some trivia challenge on Skylands Odyssey.

I never queue that many tasks, so I’ve never had the chance to notice.

Mainly applies to the few of us who like to queue large amounts of crafting for moneymaking and the like.

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