The Ability to Repair Tools

So, seeing that you cannot repair tools in this game. i thought i would suggest it for any unlikely, but possible future updates. I suggest the ability to repair tools. It would have its own special bench for you to repair tools. called the Anvil. The Anvil can be found in the LVL 3 Section of the workbench, or the LVL 17 upgrade in Expert mode. Of course adding another upgrade to the workbench making the total 30.

The Anvil can be used to repair any metal tool. using hot ingots made by heating the ingots in the furnace, or electric furnace. of course your blockhead cannot just hold it in a basket, as it will cause the basket to ware down in durability fast, and holding it in your hand will burn your blockhead.

You need a special tool called the Steel Clamp, crafted in the Toolbench for:
2 Steel
1 Stick

EXPERT Mode Recipe:
2 Wood
3 Steel
2 Leather

The Clamps purpose would be to hold hot metals for repairing your tools. The Anvil will require a hammer to start rebuilding you’re tools to rebuild them. The Hammer can be crafted with 3 Iron ingots, and 1 Stick. In expert mode, it will require 3 iron ingots, 2 leather, and 2 wood. The hammer will be a required resource to rebuild your tool(s).

To Craft the Anvil, it will require:
1 Iron Block
3 Iron Ingots

Depending on the durability of your item, it will cost between 1-10 molten ingots (based on what mode you are in) to repair your tool. It will take a minute for each item to be fixed. Now if your wondering if this can be used with Gem Pickaxes, unfortunately not. this would only be used to repair metal tools such as iron, steel, etc. If you want to repair gem tools, you will need to use the portal. And it will cost additional time crystals to repair.

Be careful, the anvil can only be used 10 times (in expert mode), and 20 times in non-expert mode. before it becomes unusable. Of course, when it becomes unusable you can re-smelt it down to an iron block in the metalwork bench.


Pretty dope but I’ll rather have a repair bench because an anvil sounds like I’m making tools rather then repairing them


Sounds awesome! Wish this was reality! I think the anvil or repair bench would need to be a higher level on the workbench though.

Getting it through a LVL 3 workbench is fine.

yes I guess so, just it is a pretty powerful ability.

I agree that it’s too powerful.