The Adventure of Tim


This is the adventure of Tim, Tim is the personification of mediocrity, he’s the most “ehh” person out there, now it’s your job to take this Tim on an adventure, here’s how it starts.

Tim is at home, laying down on the couch watching crappy reality TV.

What was Tim watching?


Really crappy reality television


So Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s, then?


Yeah lol


Fortnite gameplays.


Dora the explorer.


Alright, Tim was watching the Kardashians, while doing this he thought “Huh, this is really dumb, like genuinely concerning dumb.”

What does he do after this thought?


He decides to make it more dumb, by getting up and making some pizza rolls and bringing back to the couch.



This great and super cool Tim brings pizza rolls back to the couch but shock, horror! Some of the rolls fall off of the plate, Tim mourns, but _____________


Pees on them


no pls


Nein danke du.


He grabs a stick and jabs it into his mouth (with the pizza roll on it)


After Tim violently shoved the floor pizza rolls into his mouth, he _________


Magically levitates to his room and uses his computer


Comments about how lame the Kardashians are