The almost complete list of guides


Originally made by A-Z Star, continued by me due to their inactivity on the forums

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The complete list of guides

I’ve decided to list out all the guides here for easy access, let me know if i miss out on any.

Majority of the guides here aren’t made by me; I’ve simply gathered them together for easy access. Thanks guys for the great guides. :smiley:

If a guide, hint or tip doesn’t work let me know. :slight_smile:

Updated on 8/19/16

New to Blockheads

The Blockheads Beginners Guide - mingo888 (Might be outdated)
A Guide to Upgrading Your Portal ASAP - danie_disaster
Blockheads randomly-generated names - abcboy
The Guide to Boy Skins - Cricket887
The Guide to Girl Skins - Cricket887
How to survive death - Cricket887
World Location Guide - Fonceai
The Complete Guide to Floating Islands - ErickMatrix
Transfer your Worlds for ios - sam.boyer
Guide to trade portals - Toad
General game guide in help/credits screen - allenx360


A walk through the Owner Portal - Allenx360
How to create and join cloud servers – abcboy
How to connect to a server - abcboy
How to start and maintain a successful PUBLIC server - Cheeseburger
A guide to catching dupers in your non-duping server(s) - Bren
How to transfer your server hosted by blockserver to the cloud (irrelevant) - Calumon
How to make your Avatar pic stick! (iOS only, requires iFunBox) - Skeeve
Common server connection problems - abcboy
Multiplayer Admin Commands - Erickmatrix
Making a great HTML page for 1.5.1 servers! And above - Jlav78
Advanced HTML Welcome Screen - No Game No Life
Cloud VS Blockserver VS Mac - Buddy9104
How to find & prevent hacking on servers - m244
The message bot - Bibliophile
Local network iOS and android - Bibliophile
Guide to starting a new server - £kaypoppy9
How to tell if you’re playing with a youtuber - Buddy9104


A ridiculously efficient greenhouse design - Testif
The Ultimate Guide to Farming – ErickMatrix
The automatic farming machine - xlzzyx 01
Seasons, fruits, and tree guide - abcboy
Mass Production of Coffee - Ace42292
Tundra Biome Farming - Dargo
Organising Your Tulip Farm - supergal1987
Guide to Tulips - Emotional Burger
How to breed hybrids guide - Mrs. Goodwill
Some tips about genetics (Plant genetics) - dodokiin
Laziest Way to Farm - ErickMatrix
Hints and Tips for the beginner tulip geneticist - CobaltAthos


Mobs FAQ - Fizz
(Mobs FAQ doesn’t have the mobs Scorpions and Cave Trolls)
Mobs Info - Cheeseburger
Passive Mobs Guide - 335413647
Hostile Mobs Guide - 335413647
Scorpion Knowledge - Erickmatrix
Cave troll FAQ - Buddy9104
Cave Trolls - What We Know - ErickMatrix
Cave Trolls 101 - Allenx360
A bit more detail to Fish FAQ -Lovely749rose
Ultimate guide to Creatures (wiki) - Erickmatrix
Information on every animal in blockheads - Buddy9104
Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming Guide - 222oreo333

Mob trapping & farming

(Simple shark trap) The shark trap - Jal298
(Big shark trap) The Shark trap evolution - Charlie-243
Dropbear farming - Bamajoe411
(Fish elevator? lol)Fish farm - Lewie336
Some tips on Dropbears - Buddy9104
How to (Safely!) farm Poison & Scorpions - Dargo
Tunnel Formation-PvP And Cave Troll - PineapplePegasus


Tips on a temporary flat land for beginners -sunnyperson
A detailed guide to building great structures - Pokemonblocks
Building Tips and Techniques - Yacht Crafter
Building Underwater; A guide for the curious - NeoWarrior
The guide to building a safe, and beautiful house (on a server) - PineapplePegasus
(How to) Create a wonderful house - Lovely749rose
A Guide To Making Pixel Art - Scorpion
How to build an effective solar power plant - Starwars13
Changing your Back Wall in your house - Jazza1202
Removing your backwall - Jazza1202
A builders guide on building buildings - allenx360
Deluxe mining base tips - Joe
The Recipe To the BlockHeads - Layers Info - Jazza1202
How to extend your backwall - Lovely749rose
How to build a house in space without stacking blocks – China
How to build floating structures on water - Lovely749rose
Key Entrance and Exit Ability with Iron Trapdoor – Darkfur
How trapdoors work properly when building structures in the air - Biene Maja
Transportation of electricity without much copper wiring - imwaffle
Windowsill Decoration - Dargo


Paint color list - abcboy
Paint color finder and paint color estimator - abcboy
How to organize paint and the principle of color mixing - liaobk


How to make full colored paintings - TheFox
A guide to fine art Pixel art – Shy
A guide to Pop art - Cheeseburger

Large paintings

The Secret to Aligning Multiple Paintings into 1 Big Picture - skeeve,
Large posters - Benmcl


Trade portal profit calculator - abcboy
The beginner’s guide to making money with the trade portal - Cheeseburger
Jazza1202’s money making Guide - Jazza1202
Guide to trading – HeadFromBlocks
Compact money - Buddy9104
Making more money in trade portals - NYSdehCaveFuryRS
Money making guide - Spartan 212
Converting Copper to Gold & Vice Versa – ErickMatrix
Easy legit money - You rock379
An exhaustive list of items not available for trade - Skeeve


How to play Quidditch - IN THE BLOCKHEADS - PineapplePegasus
RPG Server Class and Job Ideas – Dargo


Tips for mining - Chaoss
How To Get Iron - ErickMatrix
All items found with gold tools - Buddy9104
Information on every gem/ingot/ore in the game - Buddy9104
Surprising Facts about Pickaxe Wear - Skeeve
Current Gold Pickaxe Bonus Item Frequency Charts - Skeeve
A neat little chart showing statistics for mining after 1.6 - Skeeve


Sorting Your Items! - Erickmatrix
Guide to organizing items and inventory! - Shanabananaberry
A guide to inventory organization - Skeeve


Packing lists! (List of things to bring for your journey) - Cheeseburger


The Complete Guide to Light Sources - Nitrojuju


Multiplying Water - Alexandra Inglorien
How to Make A Blockhead Look at Another’s View - Dargo
Quick tip on “Lucy” achievement - Diamond Trees - Skeeve
An even faster way to collect kelp! – ProfessorSnape
Kelpy grass - lovely749rose
Hot tub (Heals your bh) - Melody146323
Quickly emptying a large stack of golden chests - Tanooki
Quick tip - Getting items from the chest into your inventory faster - Cheeseburger
Get to space with buckets of water – permittence
Save your gem picks - Newton10
How to make more basalt with one bucket of water - Flobox


Maximum crafting time before your BH needs to rest - Skeeve
The complete list of items - abcboy
Information on every bench in the game - Buddy9104
Information on every block in the game - Buddy9104
Information on every food in blockheads - Buddy9104
The complete resource breakdown spreadsheet for crafting - DatNogloffian


Handcar riding guide - jemnidad
Electric Sluice Random Ore Frequencies - Skeeve

Time Crystals

How to get lots of time crystals - Lizzie*
A quick guide to time crystals - Bren
Guide To Hacked/Pirated Time Crystals - Smeeglefield


Guide to creating a guide - A-Z Star
Commonly used abbreviations - Buddy9104
The almost complete list of guides - Buddy9104
How to Mini-Moderate - iProcessive

Forum rules

Description for the Meta category - System
Complaints against other players - milla
Double posting & Bumping (+ads) - a quick guide - milla


The Snap Counterattack! (PvP) - Bren


Guide to HD textures - Baloney Sandwich
List of achievements - Buddy9104
List of world generation names - Pikeman

Please remember that some of this guides are from a long time ago, do not bump them if you’ve nothing to contribute. :slight_smile:

How To Prepare for 1.7
Hunger and food
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I’ve added the following threads:!

This guide about cave trolls is good but most players already know about them, for those who have no idea what they are i think that a FAQ is much better at answering common questions.[/QUOTE]
Most people should know this, i can’t add every helpful thread otherwise it will get messy.


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