The almost complete list of guides


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Post them here once you found them. :smiley:


the new “guide to reputation” in the meta section.


It’s added. :slight_smile:


I think there’s a few guides to add:

Nitrojuju - Complete guide to light sources
Buddy9104 - Complete guide to every food in the game
Buddy9104 - Complete guide to every bench in the game
Buddy9104 - Information on every block in the game
Buddy9104 - Cloud vs Blockserver vs Mac
Cheeseburger - Mobs Info
Cheeseburger - How to create and maintain a successful public server
xIzzyx01 - The automatic farming machine

Those are just a few I found on the first few threads. I think a little update to this thread would help :wink:


Yes! We’ve had a fantastic glut of guides posted! You guys are awesome :slight_smile:


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Pls post the link here on any guides you’ve made, it makes things better. :slight_smile:


The wonderful house, made by Lovely749rose :smiley:


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Here’s some that I just added that I believe count as guides.


Thanks! Your list helped a lot!
(I call this list of guides:guide of all guides :slight_smile: )