The almost complete list of guides


It might be better to make that guide here. Some people may have offense on MGN…

All of these guides are posted on bh forum so…


Ok, I’ll get around to copying the guide here soon.


A guide that i do not think is up there


i dont think the author of this thread is going on the forums anymore, much less updating this thread.


I have made 3 new threads, First Steps, Advanced steps and expert guide. (Multi player) they are in the hints and tips area


New guide that has been made about hacked TCs


is there any way that we could make it so someone that actually comes on the forums can update this thread? im sure there have been tons of helpful threads in hints and tips in the past year that havent been added to this list due to A-Z star’s inactivity.


By deleting and merging posts I can make a person who posted to the thread early the new owner of it. Would you like the job Buddy?


if nobody else is up to it, sure :slight_smile:


Good stuff!


Whoooooooooo new appointment!


Wow! 0.0

This will be very helpful…


so my personal activity has obviously dropped, and i dont have the time to go through all the new posts to decide if theyre helpful enough to put on the list. so can you all please help me out by suggesting posts to add either in a pm to me or just posting here?


Wow i forgot about updating this :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t have too much time these days to be on the computer (that and I’m lazy and dont want to look through 9 months worth of pages), can you guys help me out by posting links to good posts to add here? I last updated this on 10/21/15. I added one post this time (so far).

Thanks for the help!


My tulip guide is t on here yet


I have made this OP into a wiki article.


Thanks Milla!

I just went through and updated the OP to fix the formatting, however I am sure there are some guides missing from the post, more needs to be done!


Wow, This must have taken alot of time, it’s a useful post! Thanks for sharing, will use.


:open_mouth: I made a list for doing something helpful


I just made a massive edit. Check it out!