The almost complete list of guides


Sorry for bumping this, but none of the links here are working for me.


It’s probably because those threads were all on the old forums.


I swear they worked a couple months ago though.


I swear that… uh… I’ve never been to this thread before, so I don’t know. Oh well!
The Blockheads Beginners Guide


It shouldnt matter if they were on the old forums or not, the links should still work. But they arent working for me either. I dont know why


I know how to make it work. I don’t know what’s wrong. Darn. Right now the links are for as an example. I’m not so sure what makes this link unusable. However, the threads that you linked to still exist, so by searching up the thread and copying and pasting the link it works. Above post as example.


Is there a guide somewhere on how to do certain things in posts?
I remember most basic things, but have forgotten how to do things like a hyperlink…
I checked the “Forums” category, but there were only three links, one to the post it’s in.

Also, would the guide I had made on how to build a farm qualify for this thread?


You can make a hyperlink in a few different ways:

  1. I use this because I’m so familiar with it


<a href="">Forums</a>

“2”. This one is quicker to type



(For some reason, I typed 2 and it said 1. I typed “2” and it said “2”.)


Thank you, Porky. I think it’s 2 I was most familiar with.


I believe there are some guides that you seem to be looking for in the #Meta category. This category is solely for hints/tips/guides about the game itself, not the forums. :slight_smile:


(scampers off to find every HTML post available)