The Apocalypse is over!


And we’ve survived!

Okay, kind of overdramatic, but what the hell happened?

A new desighn

The upgrade killed the forum and Dave saved the forum through a backup.


I thought that the backup was corrupted?


Don’t you think he took a lot for that?


The forum is big


What is that supposed to mean?


Well it changed a lot of pictures and it hasn’t fully loaded


It is loaded.


And apparently I can’t change picture.


Then what happened to our pictures :joy: @WumboJumbo


It means there is a lot of data and that means that it took time for it to be restored.

@agentpinkdog it broke, nothing to do with the backup.


The data is messed up.


Did the forums always track your devices and location??


It can track your IP.


Yes, it is a feature of Discourse.


Well, at this point Milla or anyone, maybe even Dave should be writing a reply, or even a post of what happened and what to expect.


Maybe they are.


They explained on Discord.


Sure thing, but as you may notice, some of us don’t have discord.
So, I guess it would be better if they made one here…


Where on Discord?