Hai Guys and Gals some of you will have noticed I have edited this since the original post. But it seems I need to make this clear. This thread is an Update for those who are interested in the gaming server THE ARCADE.
This means if you have been banned or have had a in server issue or need anything game wise please message me privately.
If you post it on the thread it will be removed. Now on to the fun stuff!

Our little server is super cool because we are focusing mainly on the mini gaming aspect within the blockheads. In order to earn a starter in The Arcade by Dipsylizard you must play Last Man Standing! (winner gets a super starter and everyone gets a normal for taking part). In order to get things you must win them through our server games!

Its alotta fun and we would love for you guys to check us out.
Yes we are accepting admin applications.
Please message privately. You must play on the server alot to be accepted :slight_smile: The admin team must feel you would be an asset to the server by becoming an Admin.

  • 1A) Should Game Rules be linked in welcome ?
  • 1B) Or Should Game Rules be Triggered by Server Bot?
  • 2A) Should there be Admin assigned to each game?
  • 2B) Or should all Admin be experienced in leading every server game?
  • 3A) Should all New/Old players be allowed to join in server game?
  • 3B) Or should only players with homes on server be allowed to join?
  • 4A) Should the games be at set GMT times through out the day?
  • 4B) Or should games simply be activated by a certain amount of players online?

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I chose the exact opposite of your answers without knowing xD

Same. I always think opposite!

I really like these ideas for a server. If you make it, I am definitely coming for a visit :smiley:

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This sounds like a great server! Maybe you could also build pitches for existing games too (e.g Capture the Gems, Fishing Golf…)

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Clever I would love to play!

seems really cool!

So The Arcade was not gifted with a prime Spawn :frowning: it was right on the side of a huge ass mountain. So i spent the first day flattening and filling in.
If you look in my prior post you will know I want the main activity and attraction on The Arcade to be online games. I’ll attach the link…
The Arcade Games proposal and poll
So I am planning on having to the left of spawn all the games and to the right free build area for players. here is an idea to show how big it is.


if you look closely it is all protecting a lovely brick railway with a clear glass elevator on the way down which is super cool because you can see yourself going down.


So far the only thing I built on it is a little Yak Farm, with a few hybrid tulips I bred.


One thing I notice is players do tend to hang out at spawn or like to have the option so I always usually like to add a server hotel in which I provide a room for all players for free. Because of this I prefer not to have other hotels on my servers as I feel it is redundant. I feel it is important to stress to players having a room at at the Server hotel does not mean you shouldn’t build your own home further out!
So far the server hotel has 44 apartment rooms with a unicorn garden, bench room, donation room and the lobby has room decor necessities such as iron doors glass cabinets and beds.
Thinking of adding a gift shop with items such as unicorns or hybrid tulips etc and a post room
All admin/mods and normal players with have identical rooms this is a place for all players to be equal!


Talking of unicorns, here is a lil pic of my donkey farm. Sorry I couldn’t fit it all at in one pic but duh dahhhhh

Also here is a prototype of the Safe Game (Please read my other post for a game explanation its a super fun read)

Found the first server Gem Tree…


on of the most naturally pretty gem island everrrrrr

It getting so lonely i can’t wait to take password off!!!

(Off topic for anyone who hasn’t seen yet swap unicorns for jokes to message me if you’re interested)


Was the word you put in the first paragraph on purpose?

I think it should be put in Pictures category or General discussion because we’re not allowed to make two threads about the same discussing server like this about from your arcade server that you created last week If I’m not mistaken. This could be merged not really sure though.

Âż O_o ?

heya I’m looking for some game testers for the battle game on my server, is anyone available?

Me, maybe. Depends on the time you’re on.

It’s always a good idea to read the first sentence. Please use the information provided before asking a question. :slight_smile:

Maybe me.

hey guys little update on The Arcade we went public for the first time today woo woo!!!
a couple builds I did last night.

a new spawn very open plan because I hate being in huge spawns that is hard to find the exit. I wanna explore the world not be stuck in a huge cavern. With starter placing area on top. Basket room and donations room. The Job lists are my favourite. I don’t want players to just be given things for free on this server you have to earn or swap, I think this ensures the game stays fun.
After my5:31 troll dream I suddenly found not one but two trolls!!!

This leads me on to my next build that im super proud of DEATH MATCH. So each player places all their items in the chest and then only using what is in the arena to the death. No resurrection all items go to winners and yes you can go into other players chests during the game and take their items.
As you can see quite a large arena …:star_struck:

I often find people tend to chicken out and take the easy route when it comes to building shops so here u built an example of the kind i would expect to see on The Arcade.

I also built the Safe Game and had our first two players playing it !!! I think I will change it later as I just looks kinda awkward…

A couple of extra little things: the Welcome message and a couple of the rules…lemme know what you think of all this guys and please be sure to visit us. Needing lots of helping hands as I have no admin at the moment. ( The Arcade- By Dipsylizard)


I’ll join in a bit. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I was really looking forward to this server opening!

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Merged two threads about the same world. One thread per world, please.

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Hai guys yesterday’s/today’s server update. Please remember everything being built at the moment is only by me so a little behind I guess lol.

I built the Build Comp arena so that’s all ready :slight_smile: My next big project is admin island/base. I flattened the whole island hollowed out the mountain built a train track. The train tracks are gonna lead in to a admin museum with a painting of each admin how they earnt admin their interests what main roles they have and maybe a server progress hall. Then upstairs will be admin rooms and messaging rooms and storage.

It’s just at the end of the free build track if you wanna pop over to visit. It’s still in progress btw

Then the thing most proud of today is the new game inspired by @ZonteX

So the game host meds and picks a space to break when they stop medding. Then the players each stand on a block and hope theirs isn’t the chosen one. No jet packs ! But then @ZonteX suggested we take off the side blocks because the game got abit long having to break all three blocks (yes we may have also forgotten to take off jet packs the first go ahahaha)

Our only question now is what do we call it ???
[poll type=regular public=true close=2018-06-06T23:00:00.000Z]

  • Killer Admin
  • Last Man Standing
  • The Survivors
  • Drop Man
    (Thanks @Blocknuggets for visiting sorry we didn’t have your game maybe you could build it I still don’t really get the fish golf thing ahahah)

Also a humongous thank you to @ZonteX for being so helpful and kind :blush: