It needs a password.


Why u need it?


Hai guys sorry I forgot to say but I’ve put the server on password because I really need to finish some game builds and I don’t feel I will be able to offer proper assitance to players :pensive:

Just so you can see I’m working super hard. Here is the new Game Center so far… made chess snakes and ladders and pokemon snap so far

BH Inception?!

Yaya thats too amazing!


Can I help?


These games are amazing! Can I use them on my server, but with a twist?


Ooh… that chessboard looks promising! Time to test my chess skillz when the Arcade reopens!


@Donutask sure thing! That’s awesome would
love to know how it goes. If you want any tips on any of the games feel free to pm :smiley:
@INeedPie I challenge you to the first game ?:joy::+1:


I am also too exited to get unban and play in your server again!


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Yeah u are right i just dont beg for u to get unban i just said th i am exited for the server when it will unban me


You don’t know that. It’s best not to tell people they’re wrong, when there’s no way for you to know that.


I didn’t mean it like that, sorry.

Should have been more specific.


Hai guys just a little server update yes we still are on password :frowning: unfortunately I did not get as much help as I thought I would so have been doing everything myself so a slight delay.
First I had to flatten a mountain and fill in loads of land. I then covered 30TC in railway with ownership so it is free build above the track. Then I made a hugeeeee maze that leads to a hidden town (shall I make it The Shire (Lord of the Rings) or El dorado? (The hidden game laden city) and also a rare items market. The maze takes about 45 minutes to complete and the first 5 players to get to the hidden city win premade homes and will be the only ones to access to the city.

I am now going to build HOGWARTS and DIAGON ALLY I will keep you all updated :slight_smile:



This is my absolute favourite server.


That’s a creative snakes and ladders! :slight_smile:


Can I help? Im a harry Potter nerd. :innocent:


Lil update so this is what I’ve got so far took me a couple of hours. Doing the first layer then adding the back layers. Defo gonna have a Harry Potter Day where HOGWARTS letter will be sent out to some of our favourite players. Gonna have a sorting hat ceremony and Quidditch Game!

Gonna have admin as prefects super looking forward to opening HOGWARTS :slight_smile:




This looks like an absolutely awesome server to join! :thumbsup: