Awesome! I was really looking forward to this server opening!


Merged two threads about the same world. One thread per world, please.


Hai guys yesterday’s/today’s server update. Please remember everything being built at the moment is only by me so a little behind I guess lol.

I built the Build Comp arena so that’s all ready :slight_smile: My next big project is admin island/base. I flattened the whole island hollowed out the mountain built a train track. The train tracks are gonna lead in to a admin museum with a painting of each admin how they earnt admin their interests what main roles they have and maybe a server progress hall. Then upstairs will be admin rooms and messaging rooms and storage.

It’s just at the end of the free build track if you wanna pop over to visit. It’s still in progress btw

Then the thing most proud of today is the new game inspired by @ZonteX

So the game host meds and picks a space to break when they stop medding. Then the players each stand on a block and hope theirs isn’t the chosen one. No jet packs ! But then @ZonteX suggested we take off the side blocks because the game got abit long having to break all three blocks (yes we may have also forgotten to take off jet packs the first go ahahaha)

Our only question now is what do we call it ???
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  • Killer Admin
  • Last Man Standing
  • The Survivors
  • Drop Man
    (Thanks @DARKHORSE for visiting sorry we didn’t have your game maybe you could build it I still don’t really get the fish golf thing ahahah)

Also a humongous thank you to @ZonteX for being so helpful and kind :blush:

  • Killer Admin
  • Last Man Standing
  • The Survivors
  • Drop Man

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Your poll was broken :slight_smile:


I could little one :slight_smile: but probably sure the rules are the big one :lol: Fishing golf is a fun playing course you sailing while using the fishing rod then cast there’s a lot what can you do just to shoot the fishing golf to the hole :wink: I can do it there but I need much time and a perfect place to build it it’s gonna be fun and going to look attractive!!


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i wanna apply


Isn’t should be the admin of your server world the person who is active, following the rules, making a creation to make your server better, trusted & loyalty and etc. That who people can help you in your server. I’m fine with the mod when no staff around and someone breaks the rules I’ll do my job as a staff :slight_smile:


I usually do but I thought with active blockhead forum users who else would be more loyal to the game. And a lot of the people applying have been following the server story in my posts so I thought with such positive responses why not try something new this time :relaxed:


I’m thinking of applying. I’m a daily regular on the forums.

Becoming better at making builds and willing to bet I will be good at making pixel art. I tend to like helping new players and have gone through the manual work to get most of the things I have in my survival world, like a rainbow unicorn and all kinds of Dodos, even a jet pack (though I don’t actually need it). Anyone want to buy?


Would like to apply.
Why should u admin me?
Here are reasons:
I don’t ban myself
Don’t abuse admin
And good at getting diamonds and whatnot, also cave trolls
Hope I get applied :smiley:


I would like admin/mod, but I’m admin on Angel World and also am running Dragonets. I am also helping on another server. Sorry.


hai love the interest please either message me about yourself so i can get to know you then come on to the server and have a look around :slight_smile:


@Sugarflop ive done the message questions.


wanna come online now?


i cant. i can join at 18:00 english time though!


i may be a bit late…
depends on how quickly we eat dinner and wash up.


Wah, wifi down. I wish I could have come on the server. Maybe next time there is a meeting


I would like to apply too!


TO confirm that, yes, Vulkan (volcano in German) is admin on angel world :lol: