I don’t have anything else to do really on the blockheads so unless school than… always can play.
Unless I has nu wifi


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I can allready tell I’m gonna get in trouble for getting people s names wrong ahahaha
But we had a…interesting day today :joy:
Congrats to @Brer-Rabbit for our servers first build comp winner. With the build theme of Farming Dream :slight_smile: (will be immortalised in the winners museum on admin island)
Then we had @INeedPie hosting a build comp with the theme of “pets” (special mention @WumboJumbo ‘s build of man) ahahaha
If your build is shown and you would like to be mentioned please message me.
Special mention to @Snow_Leopard for all the help and winning Last Man Standing


Here is a close up of mine!


Nice @Brer-Rabbit and thanks for the mention @Sugarflop


i was on youtube!


Wots de password I can’t find


Here you go I think you were just confused about who owned the server the owner of the server named Dipsylizard but probably she is sugarflop. Enjoy just click the link under this message! :slight_smile:

Join now guys! Its fun to be part of this server!!!


Oh. Much thx!


Thank you dark horse! :relaxed:

Hai guys sorry forgot to post yesterday properly … what’s going on in THE ARCADE …? First of all thank you too everyone who has shown us so much love !! First server I have had on the forum and it’s apamzing how different an experience it has been :innocent: we have our first Admin : @Apiia an old friend of mine for my past servers :smile: slowly building my admin team.

Admin HQ and Admin Museum. This is gonna be the server archive with a world map made of paintings and winning build comp builds and mentionables.

Next I wanna share soemthing that really made me smile. We had the funniest Build Comp I have ever hosted. I really want to say thank you to everyone who took part @Snow_Leopard (rhuke what is your username ?)

People often say they aren’t very good at building so don’t want to try build comp. But I think everyone can agree Aliens winning build for : Hotel Nightmare theme was so imagination fuled it was brilliant ! Build explanation time is my favourite part of the game ! We had a lotta laughs and fun with this one :slight_smile:

Good job guys :slight_smile:

Starting a instagram for our regular payers so please ask if you would like top added. Helpful to let you know when Admin are online and when games are starting :slight_smile:


Thanks for another mention!!:sunglasses:


Also I heard about a kit pvp. CONFIRMED


Just saying, the Message Bot isn’t reliable all the time. On CoT the welcome messages and every other message from the bot was about 5 minutes late.


@Sugarflop , i was on wednesday and answered questions, what now?


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I didn’t have higher health but at the same time you weren’t supposed to take what was in sugars chest because you had nothing in yours! So I would have killed you if it wasn’t for the Rainbow Cake! :confused:


Please remove this post and send it to an administrator on the server or your chances of being a higher rank in the server will stay low.


I’m saying this one last time. This thread is for The Aarcade Server updates. Personal issues such a banning, in game issues or disputes needs to be messaged to me privately. It is not appropriate. I will be banning players in the server if this is not adhered to. If you are not sure if it is appropriate to put on the thread please feel free to either message myself @Sugarflop or @Snow_Leopard to check. If your post has been asked to be redrawn by me and you do not my response will be banning and you will be flagged to the forum team.


Brought what back up?


This server is a new type server in which we need to play games to earn starters or we can say super safes its based just on games isnt it awesome that we are playing games on a server