Hai guys and gals I’ve had alotta people asking but this is how to become Admin on The Arcade.
Please be a active member of our community that means not only taking part in games but also hosting (making your own in free build or game such as build comp ) and obviously being active on the forum.

Step 1: To apply please message me privately what you believe being a Admin on THE ARCADE would entail and anything you believe would convince us of your being an asset to our team. Including your hours you could give us and your ideas to contribute to the server.
Step 2: We expect a minimum of 10 hours game play on our server before you are even considered. If you would like to know your game play hours please message my with your in server name.
Step3: Your application will be reviewed by all of the admin team and we will decide wether we feel you have earnt it. (Tip: upload to the thread or PM any games you have hosted or taken part in)
Step 3: We will let you know wether you have been success-full or not. Please note just because we do not say yes straight away it is not a life sentence. We will be keeping an eye out on anyone who applies so please keep coming back and keep trying.

Please do not try to apply through the thread it will not be accepted. Only PM applications will be considered.
Have a good day to all of you :slight_smile:


Just to add on, you guys should know the way people get admin on other servers: earn by trust and time. It’s up on the rules.


Yes well hopefully we would see these players during their ten hours of game play… implied the trust and earning through the demand of minimum of play hours. I’ve tended to find it doesn’t actually matter wether you feel you can “trust” people. I’ve been played over by players I thought I have trusted in the past. To me it makes more sense to have a added time demand as it demonstrate people have invested and once a person is invested in server that tends to be a stronger bond than- cool you built something and gave a few tours you have my…“trust” ahhahaha


It needs a password.


Why u need it?


Hai guys sorry I forgot to say but I’ve put the server on password because I really need to finish some game builds and I don’t feel I will be able to offer proper assitance to players :pensive:

Just so you can see I’m working super hard. Here is the new Game Center so far… made chess snakes and ladders and pokemon snap so far


Yaya thats too amazing!


Can I help?


These games are amazing! Can I use them on my server, but with a twist?


Ooh… that chessboard looks promising! Time to test my chess skillz when the Arcade reopens!


@Donutask sure thing! That’s awesome would
love to know how it goes. If you want any tips on any of the games feel free to pm :smiley:
@INeedPie I challenge you to the first game ?:joy::+1:


I am also too exited to get unban and play in your server again!


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Yeah u are right i just dont beg for u to get unban i just said th i am exited for the server when it will unban me


You don’t know that. It’s best not to tell people they’re wrong, when there’s no way for you to know that.


I didn’t mean it like that, sorry.

Should have been more specific.


Hai guys just a little server update yes we still are on password :frowning: unfortunately I did not get as much help as I thought I would so have been doing everything myself so a slight delay.
First I had to flatten a mountain and fill in loads of land. I then covered 30TC in railway with ownership so it is free build above the track. Then I made a hugeeeee maze that leads to a hidden town (shall I make it The Shire (Lord of the Rings) or El dorado? (The hidden game laden city) and also a rare items market. The maze takes about 45 minutes to complete and the first 5 players to get to the hidden city win premade homes and will be the only ones to access to the city.

I am now going to build HOGWARTS and DIAGON ALLY I will keep you all updated :slight_smile:



This is my absolute favourite server.


That’s a creative snakes and ladders! :slight_smile:


Can I help? Im a harry Potter nerd. :innocent: