Lil update so this is what I’ve got so far took me a couple of hours. Doing the first layer then adding the back layers. Defo gonna have a Harry Potter Day where HOGWARTS letter will be sent out to some of our favourite players. Gonna have a sorting hat ceremony and Quidditch Game!

Gonna have admin as prefects super looking forward to opening HOGWARTS :slight_smile:




This looks like an absolutely awesome server to join! :thumbsup:


Looks creative!


Hai guys so i should be opening THE ARCADE either tonight or tomorrow (GMT) and I am going to be hosting a pop up event!! The reopening of THE ARCADE is gonna be HOGWARTS DAY! If you would like to be invited to Hogwarts please say yes in the poll.

Things you will need:
-one familiar (tamed pet)
-your wizarding robes (fur coat and boots)
-your luggage (one safe with your items to be placed in your dorm room)
-one wand (either charcoal or stick)
-permission slip for Hogsmeade visits (one sign with your name)

If the pole has a positive response I will proceed with more details.

  • Would you like to be invited as a student to Hogwarts Day?
  • Would you like to be on the committee to help organise Hogwarts day?
  • Would you like to appear as a Harry Potter character?

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@milla i know you’re a Potter head would you be interested?

(spoilers…house sorting ceremony, quidditch games, hogwarts tour…maybe even spot some familiar characters…)


I am also a Potterhead, a proud Ravenclaw! I have read the books hundreds of times (I also have a GoF first edition :hugs:) I have so many obsessions, pie is a rather old one, but I like my username so I don’t want to change it!
Hogwarts is awesome! That is definitely Atmos level! Where do you find the time to build all this?
Anyhow I would love to be part of the organisation committee. I’m sure my rather overkill knowledge would be great for a quiz!
Maybe we could make a PM?


I’m not exactly interested in the theme of the server, but goodness your work is really showing. The maze and Hogwarts are fricking gorgeous imageimage

Might have to join just because of them :lol:


Yay guys look! Finished building !

(Took about 24 Hours :roll_eyes: )

Also a little sneak peek into the server welcome trailer and a few new clips.


I might now join because Harry Potter.


brer and i are on rn come! im giving the hogwarts tour


This tour has been epic! Jungle town with floating islands, the maze, the rail area, and he hogwarts place are all so awesome! I am about to play some games. I was also a conductor today!




I just finished the maze

@Reggie finished the maze first and I am second!


Everyone, there are 8 places left for the maze. After 8 more people complete it, it’ll close and the winners will get unlimited amount of rewards. Good luck!


This server is incredible!! I’m joining asap.


Noo I lost my jetpack cuz I died in lms


Why is it whitelisted???


Updates. Sugar might be creating a new game or preparing Hogwarts day, (I think?) a building contest.


Whitelisted. :frowning:


I don’t get it. They don’t need to whitelist the server EVERY single time they build something. They can just protect the area and not whitelist it.