I might. I don’t really play on themes worlds, but I might drop in to take a look :slight_smile:


Heya everyone sorry for being awol I went on a last minute holiday. So I know people are confused why we’re whitelisted but I only have one active admin so if I am building and she isn’t on there is no way for me to offer a sutible gaming service.
Anyways what I know a lot of you have been waiting for …
I have decided the final plans for HOGWARTS V.1
We will be having a HOGWARTS week in which we will have sorting hat ceremomies at 7:00GMT time each day. During the week classes and games will be hosted. Each player must earn points for their house and therefore can also lose points.
There will be HOGWARTS tests, classes, quidditch games and also socials. A timetable will be sent out when I finalise all the events.
Today I will be whitelisting players to come and help me. Please tag either yourself or anyone who might be interested I will be sending out a group message to organsie this.
So far I have decorated the great hall, Gryfindpr common and the robes shop.



Awesome! I’m busy tonight but will join tomorrow :slight_smile:



I can teach Math… xD




Arithmancy isn’t math…it just has numbers…
Funny how Hermione doesn’t like Divination, but she likes Arithmancy. xD


Hihi is this server open? :grimacing:


Who wants a unicorn for 50% off?
Offer ends the day after the server opens.:innocent::money_mouth_face::grinning:


I have an OC based off Umbridge. I usually use it on ROBLOX Hogwarts servers.

Once I became famous on that game…good times. They even went against me in RP.


No password anymore!


Hai everyone so super important update. I am looking to give away THE ARCADE. I am finding I don’t have enough time to constantly be hosting games and be owner. If you are interested you can be owner for a week see how you feel if you like to can keep it. I am happy to still pay to keep it open as long as there is interest.
What to do as owner ?
To be owner you must post on this thread the things you are doing as owner. And you will have complete control and authority on the server.

Please message me if you think you would be interested.


I applied (via a PM)! I’m praying that I can become the owner of such an amazing server. Also good luck with your fashion stuff!


I applied too! :smiley:
We’ll see who the best owner wins :lol:


Gooodddd luck my dude/dudette.


I ain’t a dude/dudette, imma angel XD
But good luck to you too


I wonder who else applied :thinking: :thinking:




I applied but I can do it after the 13th of july


I’m applying, but I think I’d like to be a co owner with someone else.


Good luck to everyone! When will you announce the new owner @Sugarflop