The Art of PVP


I don’t know if any of you have heard of the server known as Renegade War but about 2 years ago, that was the top of the notch pvp server, it was ALWAYS ACTIVE, never did it ever reach 0 players, the server had the best of the best of the pvp masters, they knew how to kill you alright, I went there for 2 months and learned a thing or two that will help you out a lot. While it ran the owner put a passcode on it and decided to make a new server because of a hackers which in my opinion wasn’t a good idea, he couldn’t get his other server running anyway sadly.
PVP In pvp, here are the basics, always have about 5 sets of titanium armour and 5 jetpacks incase you get into a long battle, second ALWAYS bring food and coffee, food obviously to stay alive, coffee greatly increases the rate in which you hit, bring a sword of course, try using speed boots, its a myth they make you attack faster so idk but give it a try, NEVER use a bow, always a sword, if you try to get away from your opponent by flying that wont help you, there faster when there locked on to you, but if you indeed have to get away, teleport or fly into the sky to a place he likely hasn’t explored, this will slow him down a lot because he has to get through all the black.
Factions To make a good faction with lots of people you’re not gonna get people by simply asking, bribe the new comers with jetpacks or money, things like that and they will join there faction, now you can keep doing this and gts lots of people but you most definitly have to train them, if you just recuit them there gonna get killed and end up asking you for another jetpack, so train them well. As for bases you need to be very careful in where you out them, if you want to make a base that wont be found heres some ideas: make it under an ocean, and replace the tunnel you made with sand, or go underground and make a tunnel 3/4 down, make it look like a place limestone would be when you make the tunnel (if you know what I mean) then replace it once again with sand, this is fool proof and sometimes pros wont notice it, try to make more then one base, spread them out so someone cant just attack one base and your faction has no where to go. Heres a better idea in my opinion but others disagree, make yourself a very small base where you know no one can find it, and tell the people you recuite to make there own base and store everything valuable there, then if someone finds one of your bases who cares?! Its not worth much. anyway, thats just an idea.
I hope this helped.


I’ve heard of that server before, I even joined it. Didn’t like it as much because people there were extremely disrespectful and some staff didn’t care at all. Not to mention, script kiddies. It ruined the fun and enjoyment.


Why bribe, for goodness sake? They should come and go as they please


They were definitely rude there, thats for sure


I’ve also heard of that server before. I didn’t have a great experience there.


The pass was a mistake of mine, but I eventually gave up on the server. I also lost the original account in which I made renegade wars on, so eventually I had no choice. Very informative guide though, well done!