The Atmos Collection


Jumping onto Atmos in the morning to uncover new builds and art has quickly become one of my favorite things to do.

Every day, incredible landmarks are popping up across Atmos’ Spheres, while enormous Clan Fortresses are being built Off the Grid.

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I’m gonna make this thread a diary of sorts - a way to keep and record some of Atmos’ most amazing sights.

If you haven’t already, check out the incredible Vision Core, Memory Core, Tree of Life, and Crown of Artemis!

To kick things off, here are some beautiful Atmos creations made in the very first week!

An awesome angular monument, complete with an amethyst courtyard!

An absolutely beautiful rainbow-colored rose

This icy fortress will send chills down your spine!

A very luxurious marble mansion

A huge palace with beautiful touches of greenery

Daffodils in full bloom

I’ll be adding new entries to this everlasting story about once a week. However, I can’t possibly fit everything that’s being created in just this one thread. There’s still nothing like seeing all of the artists’ and architects’ incredible work in person.

THANK YOU to all you guys who have joined Atmos and help make it such an awesome place to photograph and explore! Which creation is your favorite? Is it even possible to pick a favorite???

Cya around!


I love atmos


I really wish there was a map so i can see where they all are


I’m workin’ on it Foil :slight_smile:


I cant wait


This incredible castle by Acile is in a league of its own.

You can find it right beside the Spark Hub.

What should we name this beauty???


It kinda reinds me of the Disney castle. :slight_smile:


Breathtaking ! I agree with @KP7 :heart_eyes_cat:


Wow! I can NEVER build like this! These builds are amazing!


Even more incredible work!!

A super intricate gold palace in the distant sky

A portrait of a K-pop singer made by a big fan!

A lovely, cozy castle in Twilight

Butterflies and flowers bursting with color!

A super futuristic twin skyscraper

A classic Japanese temple

Can’t wait to share more!!!


These talented players! I could never build like that! All I have is a futuristic-ish Ruby hotel.

I love these builds though! They are AWESOME!


Thank you Santee! They really are incredible. Your designs are pretty darn classy as well tho :wink:


You think so? The original design was inspired by Urbano. The original HOTEL build is located on a self-made island in my server.

But seriously though, the best part about these builds are that people actually spend hard working hours on a game to build such an amazing design. It’s surprising how they do it!


Another set of absolutely stunning work. I LOVE finding new stuff!!!

A lively wolf leaping out of the screen

Beautiful patterns spreading across the sky

A lovely bouquet of flowers tied with a perfect ribbon

Dagger’s now famous City in a Bottle!

A roaring rainbow tiger

A stunning purple prism that magnifies the colors of the sunset

Can’t wait to be back with more! Don’t forget to congratulate and thank all the incredible artists and architects who so generously give their time to share with us their amazing work :slight_smile:

Mama's Favorite 1.6 Builds

I’m back with some more beauties!!!

Why don’t we start with this awesome Dragon Ball Z pixel art. It just fills you with energy! :laughing:

Then there’s this beautiful wishing well. Just a lovely and relaxing place.

This one’s just outa this world. It’s called “Yin and Yang Dragons.” Pure art!

This is literally me at dinner.

A stunning mansion. Its flame-like features almost look like they’re moving!

And finally, how can you go wrong with a simple, wonderful cherry tree!

Thank you EVERYONE for continuing to share your builds with me!!


I want to make a big project in atmos but i dont have enough free time :frowning:

MAMA FOOD SUPPLY i love atmos pictures :smiley: keep them up i like to see them


Server is very nice, and big. And a place to get the same logo as everyone else :joy:


So elegant , MFS :slight_smile:


I love looking at Atmos builds and I’m slowly making my way through them. Most are amazing! With one exception

Some builds are not completely accessible to general players and I am left guessing what the whole structure is actually like.

As a suggestion, It would be a good idea to create an alter ego if your a builder, to explore your creations from a new players perspective. Are all areas accessible? If not, how can they be?


Great suggestion teeny :grinning: use doors and trapdoors where possible! :+1::+1::+1: