The beginner's guide to making money with the trade portal


This is my guide to making money for beginners. :smiley: I’ll be doing it in sort of a story format to make it more interesting…:wink:

Bob the blockhead was heading home after a long day in the mines…the next morning, as he woke up, he saw a trade portal in his house! “Wow, I could make lots of money with this…” he thought.

[U]Good idea, Bob. You can make a lot of money with the trade portal. Here’s the thing - if you do it right, you’ll be easily getting thousands of dollars. Do it wrong, though, and you’ll be losing money really fast.[/U]

“Oh,” thought Bob. “What should I do then?”

[U]First, you’ll need to buy low. Buy something for a really cheap price. Look through the trade portal. If they’re really cheap, maybe buy a few of them. If you have multiple trade portals, using multiple trade portals to buy the same item will help in that you’ll be able to buy for slightly less.[/U]

“Alrighty…let’s see…” Bob began to scroll through the trade portal. “Hey, awesome, handcars are 50 GCs (Gold coins)! That’s pretty awesome! I’ll buy three to start with.”

[U]Alright, Bob, you’ve got a great start. Now you hold onto it. Put it in a chest or something. Make sure you remember how much you bought it for so that you can make a profit when you sell it. See you in a bit![/U]

“See ya!” said Bob.

A few days later…

“Wow!” thought Bob. "I’m glad I bought those handcars earlier - now they’re up to 200 GCs.

[U]You wanted to make profit form these, right?[/U]

“Yeah,” said Bob.

[U]Now’s a great time to sell them then. You bought them for 50 GC, and now you can sell them for 200 GC! By selling one, you make 150 GCs of profit! That’s pretty awesome.[/U]

“That is awesome,” thought Bob. "Alright then, I’ll sell two of them. Maybe I’ll keep the third one to ride on or something. Hey, I just made 300 GCs of profit!

[U]Yes, making money from trade portals is quite easy once you get the hang of it. The key is this - buy at low prices, sell at high prices. Sometimes, you might get a big profit in just a few hours. Other times though, you might be holding onto the items for months before the prices make selling reasonable.[/U]

“Well,” thought Bob. “Now that I know the basics…I want to make some more profit with more items…let’s see…ooh, apples are cheap…dodo meat, let’s see, gold blocks are pretty cheap for the moment…steel pickaxes…”

[U]Now hold on just a second. If you buy all that stuff, you’re probably going to forget how much you bought it for, so you might not make a very good profit. That’s why many players have a stock exchange building. It can be simple - just some chests/safes and a sign.[/U]

“Um…” thought Bob. “How will safes and signs make me profit?”

[U]Well, you put the items in the safe. You can use the sign to record how much you bought it for. For example, let’s say you bought ten apples for 5 GCs. You can put the ten apples into the chest or safe, and then place a sign under or over it saying “10 apples, 5 GCs”. Then, when the price goes up, let’s say, 10 apples for 12 GCs, then you can sell them and make 7 GCs of profit. If you didn’t use a sign, you might forget how much you bought it for and sell them for a bad price.[/U]

“Oh…” thought Bob, “That makes sense, no wonder lots of players use that.”

[U]Thanks for reading another one of my guides! Hopefully you’ll be making profit soon, so get to those trade portals and get trading! :D[/U]

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I like Bob.


Do we get a pt 2? Lol


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Then came in Nami. Nami is a big fan of money and treasure. Anyone who knows her would know this. She is a very thrifty person. She realized that the pricing was off! Despite costing more materials and taking more time to make, she realized that iron doors cost less than safes. She then proceeded to turn all of her iron into safes she was well on her way to making her next million.


Bobby realized she wasn’t rich enough so he set out for ze mines, she found a cave troll, and killed it, naturally, of course, she got ice armor. She also found lots of iron and gold. THE END


You called her “he”


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I agree with this. Safes cost less time to craft and the return is not really that much lower than iron doors.


Idk at one point safes were 500 gc and doors were 1000 something.


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