The best and most efficient ways to manage junks?


Farm overflowing with crops? Extra dirt and stone from resource hunting, not sure what to do with your foods after getting the Sunrise hat of fullness?

  1. For non consumable items such as your stone and dirt, you can always sell them in the trade portal (preferably in large quantity). I won’t suggest selling them at every chance you get, since it wastes time and your inventory will be filled up with unnecessary copper coins, so I recommend making a “trash dump” out of chests to place near your entrance to empty them after a long day. Once it is filled to the brim with junk, you can make a separate trip with the chest to sell them for some extra money.

  2. If you mine frequently, you can bring your trash can to somewhere near the centre of the earth, and just dump the entire chest into the lava. I won’t recommend going on a separate trip just to empty out your trash unless you have a quick transportation method like elevator or train so bring them with you (in the trashcan ) on a mining trip.

  3. For food and other consumable goods, keep some of them for some extra energy! Keep a stack of carrots in your inventory or in a chest at a convenient locatican can be the little precious time your blockhead needs to finish that jet pack!


Nice tips!

For stone, I personally like to take it to an electric press and press it into gravel. Then I sluice it to get chances at rare ones like titanium and platinum.


That’s a pretty good idea! I personally don’t use the sluice a lot since I usually have about 1-2 blockheads per world ( I get lazy and never save up enough time crystals to warp in more) so using the sluice is often not one of my main priorities. :wink: I might warp in one just to sluice gravel all day, who knows?


These tips are really nice! :slight_smile:


Thank you! It’s my first post on the forum so criticism is welcomed, too!


I have a trash room on the whitelisted server Ailes because @agentpinkdog hasn’t completed the lava jump :cry:


OOF but a trash room is a really great idea I approve