The best looking item in BH

For me it is the titanium pickaxes. Love that tint of green. Great sprites Dave! :smiley:


HD Diamond portal, hands down.
It is so majestic looking! :slight_smile:

Fan Art:


Wow that’s looks really good! Any chance have you made a steam generator blockheads fan art? :wink:

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Really surprised that you did not say steam generators were the best looking. :stuck_out_tongue: I suppose it’s what inside that counts.

I like shiny golden chests and rubies.


Yes steam generators are very mighty handsome but… that pickaxe takes the cake

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Not yet! Though I’d be happy to create one and post it here down the line. (・ᴗ・)


That would make my month if you did that! Feel free to do or do not do it.

Okay but do you know what the wheel looking thing is supposed to be at the top right corner of the gen? Is it a wheel? Having a hard getting that part to look right. The rest is good to go.

Here’s for reference image
The wheel hangs a tad bit over the coal hole

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Okay so it IS a wheel. here is where I’m at. I added shading and everything to the wheel, but it looked weird so I removed it lol

Will update once finished o


Alright, what are your thoughts on this?



Wow you’re so talented! You made this in like a couple hours? If blockheads had an RTX mode you would definitely be the designer! Thank you for this awesome picture.


all i can say is wow

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Just wait till wumbo sees this image too!
And comparing the two it’s really accurate! Like look at the power dot placement
@Pinefruit also you’re pfp blockhead looks like that fruit hat was the best thing that ever happened to him. :lol:


Thank you both very much!

Yeah I’d say about that. (・ᴗ・)

I play a lot of expert survival servers, so the fruit hat is definitely a game changer :joy:


I think this is good and nice because this is so…

What can I say but this is awesome!!

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Is that your favorite color? :question:

Who me?

Nah my favorite color is… brown

What makes brown your favorite color? You’ve made me curious now… :question: