"The best" middle button


So i cant spell thats why im saying the middle button just delete it and retry if it is bad heres mine

The best friend is someone else is on the forums and saw a commercial for the rest of your favorite song.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: (the best friends are @bilingual and @CGgone i guess porky is on the forums and cg was so not totally wrong)

Edit: you type the best then hit it


“Hey Hailey I wanna is your time I have a question for lunch tomorrow at lunch and then I’ll go get back with him and I will was a way.”

Well okay then. Sounds like me when I have coffee.


I don’t get what this thread is about.


Presumably spamming the middle button of the auto-complete on an iOS keyboard.


Yep. Press the middle button until you get a sentence.

“Hey I just got a call and I’ll let you know what time you want me there I’ll probably have a little coffee and I’ll let you know what time you get here.”


@WumboJumbo you type the best then click the middle button thing

The best bestie I’ve never been on my birthday is my daddy daddy is a weirdo I gotta was my last time to eat. (Sorry porky apparently my daddy is my bestie now)


Hi I’m here at your mom I gotta is a time for you guys want me some LÖÖPS I can just do do doo I want the whole time I want you and you guys want me gone I don’t know if I can do do something


Hi I just wanted to let you know that I’m not going in there now but I’m not gonna is a way of that day so I’ll be back there soon as soon I can have fun and I can meet you there and I meet you guys there and I can get it done for the day and I can meet you there soon

Repetitive, I know. Still sort of a sentence, lol.


(Am I spelling the best wrong???)

The best bestie I’ve never had ever been with you for years ago I gotta is a time of my life


So like this?

The best app ever played on my iPod 4th was a great app and it is now so I gotta is it the best game ever I have been here to many many people I wanna now now have a good app and it has some pretty bad things about that game I have just got it and now I have to go back.


Yes finally someone who listens :joy::joy::joy::joy:

The best part about my throat burns not the way home from work on my phone


The best and can it up so ghetto just keep not just very just in public life my account on Wednesday he added that it should take her in so out of our favorite


Hi I have my own password to the app I can have a free app for a while I am not going to be able go back up and I have no problem getting the app I can have the app for a while and it would also have to go on the app itself if I had to a sign in the app.


The best thing is that you can’t even play it on your phone day or day it would make you wanna see the difference on a drawing and drawing a little more to the next time you have a drawing made.



The best thing that has ever happened to me and I will be there at the same time as the chest


The best best friends I wanna was a great day of my school and my birth and I wanna is my time to fall in my head


Sounds like me when I’m feeling exceptionally high on sugar. Mostly the ‘my time to fall in my head part’.
Let me try:

The best of the day before my eyes and the first half of the day before I go back and forth between a man who was the best

Sounds just a bit like a line from a book…that makes no sense, if you get what I mean…


The best bestie ever I gotta was the night bestie and lily got me to go home to my parents and then she told us that they had to go home because they were going camping


The best thing ever haha was the one time that you got me a little while back to the house I was thinking I was going on to a break from a lot and then I’m gonna I wanna play was the best way of playing the time and the time of it haha is that it is so much better then the new year and the new year is the new one I love that I have to go back and I have a good time.


The best way of making you happy birthday to you and I will see ya next year bye Felicia.

Watch this spaaaaaaam

The best app ever played super mega baseball game and it was fun but it wasn’t a bad idea but I gotta is it the way I can get the coins and the coins to get it back I can do it now now I’ll get the one I want and it will just disappear again I wanna was a bad game now I can’t play it unless you have a good job then you have a lot more to get to the right next to the server owner is it is the best app ever played super mega baseball game on my base it