The BH Forum Skyscr@per (Reboot)


The old thread keeps getting locked. Probably safest to just leave things as they are.




325: The floor where you go to Milla’a heaven. (BUNNEHS!!!)


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Floor 326: The place where all Majic is stored.


Floor 327: Mind manipulating blockheads attempting to control you


Floor 328: Floof defense force!


Floor 329 - Meet every famous person in the world (including Dave and Milla)


Floor 330: Games never die. So this game isn’t dead. Meaning this floor is where a game graveyard WOULD be, but it isn’t. So, it’s a floor of waffles.
I don’t wanna create a new thread. Best to just use this one.


Floor 331: The forgotten floor.

(The next one said should be 333)


Floor 333:


Floor 334-
Floor of various fried foods.


floor 335: nniinntteennddoo!! !! !!


Floor 336: SEGA


Floor 337: The old skyscraper.


Floor 338
A balcony.


Floor 339: a room


Floor 340: An abandoned library.


Floor 341: cave troll hideout


Floor CCCLXXXII: A portal to Malacandra


Floor 343: Poop everywhere!