The Blockheads 1.7 coming soon!


With the upcoming release of 1.7, it’s time for a fresh new front page, which you can see at

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Just to let you know, the rollout of this new website might happen at different times for different people, so if it isn’t working for you yet, don’t panic! The new website should be working for everyone in the next day or so.

The 1.7 update will be out in a few weeks.

Guess the Date that 1.7 is Released
1.7 update release date?

I can’t wait I’m really really excited!!!


What happened to Blockhead?

Also Hailey I saw you on CoT lol


Me also



Well I wasn’t aware! I am excited. :smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Front page looks nice! There’s a bit of an issue with narrow screens though.




This is fantastic news! You’ve worked so hard, congratulations! :smile::smile:


Yesss finally 1.7 is around the corner. Website looks cool


All excitement drained out of me with one thought in mind…
Please tell me that’s not how normal, not HD Blockheads will look from now on…breathe…it’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay, no matter what happens…just breathe, don’t die yet…live until 1.7 first…


Zetta wicked

But now I can’t make jokes about 1.7’s release date :laughing:

((Realizes server won’t be done in time for 1.7
I better increase the working speed to the power of infinity!))


XD @SomeRandomUser you can release it a little after 1.7 so you can include stuff from it


1.7 HYPE!

My servers will continue to be up, and will be updated with release. This will potentially, but unlikely break backups. I will attempt to fix them if they are.

Edit: New logo! More hype!


Okay, for some reason the new blockheads font suddenly reminds me of the =MGN= font


Woah!! I neeeed to get pictures before it updates! I wish there was more pics of the old old forums…


Well, a few weeks is a long time.

I shall mentally prepare myself for the change…


Awesome! So excited…


But wha… whe…how? Beta testing hasn’t started for me yet!!


I guess beta testing will only take a few weeks for Android and it’s about to start?