The Blockheads 1.7 coming soon!


Good luck! Thanks.


Will there be an option to change the text back to its original state ?


Please don’t @majicdave Unless it is an urgent important matter.


It could be considered one though.
Unnecessary would be if people just @ ed him for fun, or for something they knew milla could solve

I do believe you won’t be able to change though


Totally better than Minecraft’s 1.13 and 1.14 update. Wait… 1.14 is cancelled.


You wan’t want to change it back. (unless you really like old blocky stuff)


Probably if you know how to edit files. It may cause bugs though. Milla said she’s okay with custom textures, unless I’m incorrect. (@milla?)




That’s 3 days before my birthday!


HAHA, I’m so ready for 1.7 on iOS!


YUS! does the backpack kid dance


Old meme


We must be getting closer… I feel the power of 1.7 drawing near…







Love the new website!


If his picture is how the game is going the be then i will probably delete it…


Because of some rounded features??? Well, see you around I guess.


You’ll be missing out on a LOT of awesome new content then. But its still up to you.


I really don’t care if Dave takes vanilla worlds out (he won’t obviously) I am playing in 1.7.