The Blockheads 1.7 coming soon!


Dave’s Side
An unexpected error occurred.

The files for, “Blockheads’s 1.7 Update” was deleted.


I doubt that would happen. I’m sure he has a backup incase


It would be bad if his whole system and backups corrupted. I hope that doesn’t happen.


Noodlecake has their own version though, so Dave would be able to modify their version back to iOS


Then we will still be right back where we started. “1.7 Will be out in a few months!”

I am not entirely sure how the App Store reviews work but I think Apple probably already has the update waiting to be released on the App Store.


What will the name be of this update… like “Take Flight?” I would assume “The Big Update.” :lol:


Maybe it will be called the customization update.


or the Expert Update…


Here’s a few for Dave

The Blockheads 1.7: The Update That Changes Everything.
The Blockheads 1.7: Expertice required
The Blockheads 1.7: Just A Generic Update…
The Blockheads 1.7: The Biggest Update Since Release


The Blockheads 1.7: The Blockheads Lives On



Ambience Beta Update!


Ambience Aplha 2018. Early Test Release.


I think the update will be named something relevant to this update and The Blockheads. Mentioning Ambience would probably just throw everyone off.


1.7; The End



Yes it is a complete sentence!


Finally just waiting for few weeks and 1.7 coming out what a suprise XD


The update could be called “The Update that Changed the World” since it is so big!
Oh wait that is what Minecraft 1.7. was called. ._.


But there is only 12 months? How can it be the 2/25/18? I DON’T UNDERSTAND. :scream:


US does the dates backwards to the rest of the world. Why? No idea.

That’s 25/2/18 using logical dating system.


Oh so they meant 25/2/18? That’s tommorow! Come on Dave, don’t let us down!