The Blockheads 1.7 coming soon!


But there is only 12 months? How can it be the 2/25/18? I DON’T UNDERSTAND. :scream:


US does the dates backwards to the rest of the world. Why? No idea.

That’s 25/2/18 using logical dating system.


Oh so they meant 25/2/18? That’s tommorow! Come on Dave, don’t let us down!


Yep. Seriously strange. Maybe we in US think logical dating system is metric or something. We refuse that as well.


Yes, the U.S. makes perfect sense. No metric units and always put the month first and the day second.


How does it make logical sense to put the month first, but the year third? :joy:
When you consider a day the smallest unit, a year the biggest unit and a month the middle unit, there are only two orders that seem logical:
D, M, Y (going from small to big)
Y, M, D (going from big to small)


In America, it’s common english to say that today is February 23, 2018. I guess that’s because we often ‘abbreviate’ that to just February 23, and assume you know what year it is. :joy:

So, the shorthand version of that is 2/23/18. It would seem just as weird to me to say it’s 2018, February 23rd.


I know it’s common english in america. I’m just saying it is not logical. Except maybe for those who do not know any other way🙂

And to make this very clear: I’m fine with them using it their way. But logical it ain’t. There are so many issues in every language that are not strictly logical🤯


Hate to say this; I want to put this nicely, but really, how much time do we have to wait? I’ll die if my sister deletes the game before it comes out. (I FINALLY bribed her to re-download it once again…) But anyway! PETS ARE PROBABLY GOING TO BE THE BEST UPDATE OF ALL TBH’s TIME!! I’ve re-read this post like, a thousand times… Searching for answers…


Not too long now


Today is the 24th in the US and it’s just starting the 25th in The Europe/West Africa region. I’m wondering if Aussie NZ folk will get it on the 26th instead due to International dateline. I know MD is in NZ, but I think Apple time is Pacific Standard.

I’m still hanging on hope that it’s the 25th— the North South American 25th.

— aside from other topic

Many Americans blindly defend this but don’t think of the logic. Traditional and logical are not the same thing. Because I live in the US, I do all American Dates the American way but in international setting I do it the international way. I don’t think Americans should bluster around and get mad about stuff like this.

The only reason I don’t is because I’m an old person who remembers when file names had to be short, couldn’t have spaces and always came in alphanumeric order — with no way to keyword search

I always did it logically (but backward so the year would be first)


I hope so!!! XD! So excited!!! Wha! WAit wait wait wait wait wait wait…!!! IN A FEW WEEKS!!! XD XD! …ex dee dee?


Well, what do we know anyway Ronnie? We’re still just about the only country in the world that doesn’t run on the metric system.:smirk:


True. What does that have to do with 1.7 though? ._.


Someone showed me a picture earlier from Dave’s twitter showing that 1.7 was finally under review for the App Store. :smiley:




Few weeks. That post was posted 2 weeks ago. So even fewer weeks. Yikes i’m nervously excited :smiley: :sweat_smile:


I remember Dave telling us that he’ll tell us the exact date about a week in advance. So it’s close, but not that close!


I saw in twitter :slight_smile:image


1.7 appears from a very very long hiatus