The Blockheads 1.7 coming soon!


When I told about Dave’s tweet on a server someone said: "Lol iOS 1.7. I am on iOS 11.2!"


Yes thats the problem on tweet probably people will think review for ios 1.7 :lol:


Well, that’s THEIR problem if they do. They should understand the Blockhead logo is there for a reason. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just can’t wait for the legendary moment… For the majical… click! to update The Blockheads on the Play Store… Does anyone think that NZ’ers will get to the update first? rubs hands together


I’m downloading a NZ VPN now


Simple answer: No.

The update should be available to everyone at the exact same time. Or else people would have trouble with the cloud in other parts of the world.

Sorry if that was a sarcastic question.


Awww… What a shame. But oh well. I was just being selfish.


It went like this with the last big update:

  • Dave provided the update to apple
  • Apple reviewed it and said Ok, it is approved, you can release it whenever you want
  • Everybody waited for the android port to be ready
  • Android port was ready and Dave released the update simultaniously for apple and androids.

I think we can expect the same procedere with the 1.7 update.
As Dave and milla might be curious to see initial download figures and generally monitor the first hours (plus we can expect a very busy forum for day one) I expect him to release the update during NZ working hours.

1.7 Is Near!

I just realized something… I think the new blockheads icon is meant to replace the old HD textures faces. The ones with the creepy eyes. We probably still will have the old ones in Classic textures. Just a theory. :smiley:


That is an extremely fair theory, I agree with it.


I sure hope not!!! The new face looks ok, but I think on a BH it would look weird.


please fix the broken water psychics


At least the water is better than Minecraft. :lol:


thank goodness for that


I think @KP7 is right. This is a big piece of evidence…


I was looking for that image! @Joe has let the biggest cat out the bag


And the blockhead yo the furthest right shows evidence of the custom blockhead theory, sense it’s wearing red default shorts.


Those had both already been revealed, green underwear in the shark riding picture and the modified eyes on a running blockhead image.

One thing he revealed is HD clocks in the spinner background, but it is expected since HD is the new default.


Edit. I misread and thought you meant the HD eyes were creepy. Oop.

I hope so. Creepy eyes? I think they are cute. I don’t like the new eyes much. Or that chin thing. Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to it.

I played w pixel graphics less than a day before I switched to HD. Love at first site. And the little eyes. :eyes: aww


They are creepy. The classic ones in my opinion. My theory was that the new blockheads face will replace the classic ones. According to @DGPG’s picture, my theory seems to be correct.